11 December 2010

Goodbye My Friend

I'm sorry, that I have to leave. 
People change, and things don't stay the same. 
Forgive me, darling. For I've found someone new. 
I loved you, and it's time to move on..

10 December 2010

Happy Ice-Cream Cake!

It's my baby sister's birthday, and I just wanna wish her:

She turns 10 today. 
I love you so muchies, Delwyn! :)

Took her out for some shopping and ice-cream earlier, and we bought shitloads of food! Yes we tend to eat alot in our family. =D I might not, most probably, will not be going up to Penang this weekend. Sigh. Oh well, there are much more other chances in future fo' sure. I'm just gonna have a jolly good weekend at home! 

Halfway through streaming Glee's Christmas episode and it stopped. I wonder why is the connection kinda bad today..

06 December 2010

Weekend Getaway?

I'm dying to go down to Penang this weekend for baby's game at University Sains Malaysia's Hockey Festival!

The thing is, I'm pretty "dry" lately, if you know what I mean.
It limits everything, all the things that I wanna do there!

Urgh. Hateness.

Thanks to all my paychecks that are only coming in end of the month or beginning of next month. How how how? :(

Finding solutions now, as I don't wanna ask moolah from my parents. Big girl already, need to be independant. Please help me if You can hear me.. It'll be his last time playing for UPM, and I really want to see him in action as I've never seen him playing for our university before. I hope miracles happen! *hopeful*