23 October 2010

Make It Pop!

I realized that it has been ages since I've blogged.
Shit. I'm sucha effin bad blogger. 

Oh well, anyway life has been going well and everything is awesome!
Hope that it is for you too :) 

Just celebrated baby Fernandez's 23rd birthday last week.
3 nights in a row. Partied till we dropped. Like literally.
Internship ended in September,
now I'm on break till the new year arrives.
Yayyysome! Hehe.

I've some things to blog about, hmm actually quite a number of things but I'll start writing 'em tomorrow. Will leave you with some pictures form Baby's birthday bash dinner, night three. 

Feeding him the cake with love ;)

Smashing the cake into his face. NGAHAHA.

Downing his tequila shot!


Am back in Ipoh for this weekend and I don't know how long. Spend some time with my fammy since I've not been back for God knows how many months. Gonna sleep nauu, cousin's wedding tomorrow.