24 October 2010

I Wish You Best

Attended my cousin's wedding today. Everything was so-so, but there's something that I think is very rude and inappropriate, as the in-laws were so damn terrible. I'm talking bout the mother-in-law here. When my cousin served her tea during the tea ceremony and called her "Ma" (Cantonese for mother), she mentioned in front of everyone to my cousin, not to call her mother, but call her "Ah Yee" (Cantonese for aunty) instead. WTF I TELL YOU! How the hell can you actually say that to someone who is already married legally to your son? 

Secondly, she did not even greet nor talk to us from the bride's side when we were at her place for the tea ceremony and dinner. It's like a scene in a Chinese TV drama series. I really could not believe what I heard and saw. Her and her busybody aunty friends all gossiping and staring at people, then laughing out loud with no blardy respect for older people. This just makes me despise all these kind of Chinese people. No offence to anyone, but I kind of understand how it is when people from two different upbringing and backgrounds have VAST differences. The mentality was not to be accepted. This kind of behavior and attitude is just VERY WRONG.  It was just so embarassing, shameful and upsetting. To me, it was not that joyous an occasion for I feel that the worse it is to come for my cousin. 

Oh well, after all that is said and done, I guess there isn't much that anyone can do except her and her newly wedded husband to work on it. I truly wish you happiness and all the best in life. All I can say is that, whenever it comes to customs and traditions, it's always back to the basics.