07 July 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I'm waiting for my next adventure.

Be it at home.
Or at work.
Or with friends.
And family.
My boyfriend.
My studies.
The things I like doing.
Things I am passionate about.
I want to be the best. 

But sometimes,
no, most of times,
I compare myself too much.
And have too much expectations.
I get disappointed, then I'll stand back up.
I try harder each time. I don't give up just like that.
But when will it ever be enough?
I don't know. We all won't know.
We just have to keep trying, keep holding on.

And that's just what I'm gonna do.
Time to head home from office


4 potatoes speak:

June.Yeoh said...

i am interested to know how you do your pics liddat ;)

Lynnelle said...

heyy babe! ohh i used picnik. try finding it under frames :)

btw, have u gotten ur top from eza?

June.Yeoh said...

picnik ? haha i used it all the time :) didnt really noticed it.

nope hahah! i told her to mail it to me and i ll pay her. but i think she is busy :/ haha

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