19 July 2010

California Dreaming

Bad bad day yesterday. Not exactly yesterday actually. My car died on me, again. On Saturday the battery kong-ed and I had to replace it, then the fan at the engine wouldn't turn off, I had to fix the wiring, and the left window wouldn't go down, had to change the button. All summed up to RM200! I am officially broke. =(

But a good weekend nonetheless. Was off on Friday and Saturday and Sunday (emergency leave to fix car). Craig and I hit Times Square for a short movie marathon and some shopping. We watched Predators at 3.20pm and Inception at 6.10pm. Predator was boring, Inception was good! Leornado has been acting in movies involving dreams and psychological illnesses, like Shutter Island. I finished 3/4 of the popcorn. Had a bad sore throat that day and it was killing but I didn't care, as usual. So stubborn till kena scolding from Bebe.

Shopped around later and bought a beautiful overall. So pwetty I tell you! Didn't manage to the jumpsuit I was looking for though. Craig on the other hand shopped BIG time! Finally got his iPhone. That was Friday. Saturday met up with Exa, Steph with Bebecakes & I at Sunway Pyramid. Bought a top from F21, teehee. Lunched at Fullhouse and camwhored like mad. So long didn't take photos like that already. Celebrated Craig's mom's birthday that night at Magic's at Klang. Fine dining, yummy yummy.

Oopps, gtg now. Live news in awhile!

2 potatoes speak:

Eliza said...


anyways, ive got new blog. relink me k popo?

i miss youuu! please come back ):

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