06 July 2010

All The Boys & Girls We Got 'Em Goin' On

Back in the office after an eventful weekend at JB and SG. Boy my weekend was good! Got to know wonderful people, the Narcis family (Craig's mom's side) and the Traazil family (family friend of Fernandez's). We had a taste of Johor's famous chicken chop, went to Bazar Karat, tried the deliciously spicy ayam penyet, went on a dinner cruise around Danga Bay to celebrate Tericca's, Karsten's and Natasha's birthdays which are all nearby.

Yesterday we all headed to Singapore, spent the whole day at Orchard Road doing our shopping (OMG it was havoc I tell you with all the sales going on, as well as Youth Day). Time wasn't enough, well it has never been, has it? Managed to buy myself a pretty purse from Guess, not forgetting the good bargain and super slashed prices. Named her Goldilocks. Teehee. Reached Johor at about 9, had spicy home-cooked crab for dinner while waiting for departure. The Traazil family are such good hosts and hostesses. Waiting to go back to Johor and Singapore for a fun filled round of hangouts and shopping again!

Btw, holidays make me so fat and happy! Oh luvv luvv luvv!

I want to post up pictures but I can't find the USB cable. Been losing my stuff lately. My Adidas sneakers, my work notebook, my bag, my clothes, blablabla. So unlucky lor. And now am in a new department, news department. Working hours are gonna be crazy! World Cup BPL Super League oh feed me already please! (don't want to wish for someone to kill me, so feeding me will do) :P

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well and living happily. =)
Sending my love and regards to all that are near and far, close and distant. <3

p/s: Next holiday stop, Bangkok or Bandung? Which is better for shopping sprees?

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