01 June 2010

Rock That Body

Today's my first day joining the OB department. OB stands for outside broadcasting btw. Did nothing much, just lots of photostating and stapling. Well, at least there was something to do. Arrived bout 10 mins late for work too thanks to early morning traffic jams and chaos. So susah to buka my mata to wake up for work suddenly as I've been going to work at 3pm and 12pm for the past 4 weeks. I am glad tho as I'll be heading to Melaka for 2 weeks with the OB crew to broadcast SUKMA games! Wee! Never been there before, and I call myself a Malaysian. BLAH. Hehe. Excited much much much as BabyCakes will be there competing too :]

He just left to Penang early this morning again. So I guess I won't be seeing him for a week or two. Maybe in Melaka yeah bebe? Teehee. Last night, had a great night out with Craig, Eza and Steph at Italiannies, as well as Asri who came later to join us for Shrek ( we wanted to watch Prince of Persia at first but it was too late, 12.30am, and too long, 2 and a 1/2 hours, and we all have work in the morning ). I enjoyed it to the max! Puss was so bloody cute neh! Not forgetting ogre babies and flying donkey-dragon babies that were so adorable too.

So yeah, that was my Monday. Manic Monday without the blues.

Gosh. Just thought of rush hour later.
Gotta endure the traffic. Can pengsan liao.
Goin home to watch dvds on bed and munch on potato salad all the way from Ipoh.

Need. To. Exercise. Fat. Already.

Laters :)

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