19 May 2010

Meatballs on Wednesday

Hiya blogger!

It's been long.. Hehe. Just felt like updating. Work is good so far. 2 weeks in studio and now 2 weeks in the graphics room. Learning lots of new things, like Photoshop! I know, right? Now only want to learn. But I can crop pictures of people and make targas d. So proud of myself. Teehee :D

Life's been good. Bittersweet. He was in Ipoh for the Sultan Azlan Shah Championship and now in Penang for hockey training for SUKMA next month. He's coming back in a few days tho! Hehe. Then after 2 weeks, it'll be my turn to travel pulak.

There's nothing much to do at work actually.. Am sitting in front of the MAC doing nuts but FB-ing and playing around with Photoshop. Later mau pergi makan (again!). Ngahaha. Astro Arena's a good place with great people. =)

Anyhoo, off to find my colleagues first. Bosan onlining for now.

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