04 May 2010


Interning at Astro Arena is cool. I mean literally cool like cold cold. *BRR*

Induction yesterday was long and finally over. Heh.

Today I'm here at bandar lama PJ, starting my 1st day as an intern. For the month of May, I've been placed in the studio and graphics department. All of us are scattered, and will be rotating in different deparments these 5 months. Thank goodness Astro Arena doesn't practice formal attire wear, can wear almost anything we like. =)

Since it is the 1st day of work and there's nothing much to do, here I am sitting in front of this piece of technology, FB-ing and blogging. Plus, work actually started at 1pm for me! Just killing time till we run a show later, then it'll be time to head home.

Anyone around this PJ old town area, if you're free or need a teman to makan ke or anything, just text me kay! I'd be more than willing to meet up for drinks and food. Also recommendations on places with good food needed. Tak mau makan the same old thing from day to day.

Getting colder and bored again. *yawn*

Go play some FB games first. Heehee.


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