06 May 2010

Achy Breaky Heart

Sometimes I don't really know the difference, do I still miss you or I think I should miss you? Somehow I listen to love songs and read blogs about missing someone, you will be the first that pop into my head. I don't really know is it because the blog authors share the same predicament as me, broke up and moving on, but yet at times still miss the feeling of being loved, the memories shared, the smile, the kiss on the forehead, our hands that seemed to fit perfectly at the moment. I am not sure if I was brought back to the past, of missing you, influenced by the bloggers, who word my every feeling for the first few months and perhaps till today so perfectly and so true. Perhaps, it was just a perception or dejavu back to the feelings I once felt. But as of this day, though I am not sure if you are the one I miss or the past, I can proudly say, there is no more heartache, sadness and sharp pain in my fragile heart. Is it enough to prove to myself that I have left my past? To me, at this moment, I guess it is enough.

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