11 December 2010

Goodbye My Friend

I'm sorry, that I have to leave. 
People change, and things don't stay the same. 
Forgive me, darling. For I've found someone new. 
I loved you, and it's time to move on..

10 December 2010

Happy Ice-Cream Cake!

It's my baby sister's birthday, and I just wanna wish her:

She turns 10 today. 
I love you so muchies, Delwyn! :)

Took her out for some shopping and ice-cream earlier, and we bought shitloads of food! Yes we tend to eat alot in our family. =D I might not, most probably, will not be going up to Penang this weekend. Sigh. Oh well, there are much more other chances in future fo' sure. I'm just gonna have a jolly good weekend at home! 

Halfway through streaming Glee's Christmas episode and it stopped. I wonder why is the connection kinda bad today..

06 December 2010

Weekend Getaway?

I'm dying to go down to Penang this weekend for baby's game at University Sains Malaysia's Hockey Festival!

The thing is, I'm pretty "dry" lately, if you know what I mean.
It limits everything, all the things that I wanna do there!

Urgh. Hateness.

Thanks to all my paychecks that are only coming in end of the month or beginning of next month. How how how? :(

Finding solutions now, as I don't wanna ask moolah from my parents. Big girl already, need to be independant. Please help me if You can hear me.. It'll be his last time playing for UPM, and I really want to see him in action as I've never seen him playing for our university before. I hope miracles happen! *hopeful*

24 November 2010

Take A Bow

How often, you wonder, has the direction of your life been shaped by such misunderstandings? How many opportunities have you been denied--or, for that matter, awarded--because someone failed to see you properly? How many friends have you lost, how many have you gained, because they glimpsed some element of your personality that shone through for only an instant, and in circumstances you could never reproduce? An illusion of water shimmering at the far bend of a highway.

-Kevin Brockmeier (The View from Seventh Layer)

22 November 2010

Addicted to You

I am becoming a Twitter addict.
Or maybe I already am. 

19 November 2010

The Best Thing About Me, Is You

Trying to explain how much I love you is like trying to explain how colours are to a blind person.

15 November 2010


Falling sick. Deadline for FYP proposal is this week, and I've done nuts! So bloody dead. Mom and dad are coming down this weekend! So so happy hehehe :) Off to catch up on Glee now. Later alligators!~

Taken during Movie Moments Roadshow, Tesco Kepong

24 October 2010

I Wish You Best

Attended my cousin's wedding today. Everything was so-so, but there's something that I think is very rude and inappropriate, as the in-laws were so damn terrible. I'm talking bout the mother-in-law here. When my cousin served her tea during the tea ceremony and called her "Ma" (Cantonese for mother), she mentioned in front of everyone to my cousin, not to call her mother, but call her "Ah Yee" (Cantonese for aunty) instead. WTF I TELL YOU! How the hell can you actually say that to someone who is already married legally to your son? 

Secondly, she did not even greet nor talk to us from the bride's side when we were at her place for the tea ceremony and dinner. It's like a scene in a Chinese TV drama series. I really could not believe what I heard and saw. Her and her busybody aunty friends all gossiping and staring at people, then laughing out loud with no blardy respect for older people. This just makes me despise all these kind of Chinese people. No offence to anyone, but I kind of understand how it is when people from two different upbringing and backgrounds have VAST differences. The mentality was not to be accepted. This kind of behavior and attitude is just VERY WRONG.  It was just so embarassing, shameful and upsetting. To me, it was not that joyous an occasion for I feel that the worse it is to come for my cousin. 

Oh well, after all that is said and done, I guess there isn't much that anyone can do except her and her newly wedded husband to work on it. I truly wish you happiness and all the best in life. All I can say is that, whenever it comes to customs and traditions, it's always back to the basics. 


23 October 2010

Make It Pop!

I realized that it has been ages since I've blogged.
Shit. I'm sucha effin bad blogger. 

Oh well, anyway life has been going well and everything is awesome!
Hope that it is for you too :) 

Just celebrated baby Fernandez's 23rd birthday last week.
3 nights in a row. Partied till we dropped. Like literally.
Internship ended in September,
now I'm on break till the new year arrives.
Yayyysome! Hehe.

I've some things to blog about, hmm actually quite a number of things but I'll start writing 'em tomorrow. Will leave you with some pictures form Baby's birthday bash dinner, night three. 

Feeding him the cake with love ;)

Smashing the cake into his face. NGAHAHA.

Downing his tequila shot!


Am back in Ipoh for this weekend and I don't know how long. Spend some time with my fammy since I've not been back for God knows how many months. Gonna sleep nauu, cousin's wedding tomorrow.

23 August 2010

I Don't.

Pink - I Don't Believe You

I don’t mind it
I don’t mind at all
It’s like you’re the swing set
And I’m the kid that falls
It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows
And every night
The passion’s there
So it’s got to be right

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

I don’t mind it
I still don’t mind at all
It’s like one of those bad dreams
When you can’t wake up
It’s like you’ve given up
You’ve had enough
But I want more
No I won't stop
Because I just know
You’ll come around

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

Just don’t stand there and watch me fall
Because I, because I still don’t mind at all

It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows
And every night
The passions there
So it’s got to be right,

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

I don’t believe you

19 July 2010

California Dreaming

Bad bad day yesterday. Not exactly yesterday actually. My car died on me, again. On Saturday the battery kong-ed and I had to replace it, then the fan at the engine wouldn't turn off, I had to fix the wiring, and the left window wouldn't go down, had to change the button. All summed up to RM200! I am officially broke. =(

But a good weekend nonetheless. Was off on Friday and Saturday and Sunday (emergency leave to fix car). Craig and I hit Times Square for a short movie marathon and some shopping. We watched Predators at 3.20pm and Inception at 6.10pm. Predator was boring, Inception was good! Leornado has been acting in movies involving dreams and psychological illnesses, like Shutter Island. I finished 3/4 of the popcorn. Had a bad sore throat that day and it was killing but I didn't care, as usual. So stubborn till kena scolding from Bebe.

Shopped around later and bought a beautiful overall. So pwetty I tell you! Didn't manage to the jumpsuit I was looking for though. Craig on the other hand shopped BIG time! Finally got his iPhone. That was Friday. Saturday met up with Exa, Steph with Bebecakes & I at Sunway Pyramid. Bought a top from F21, teehee. Lunched at Fullhouse and camwhored like mad. So long didn't take photos like that already. Celebrated Craig's mom's birthday that night at Magic's at Klang. Fine dining, yummy yummy.

Oopps, gtg now. Live news in awhile!

12 July 2010





07 July 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I'm waiting for my next adventure.

Be it at home.
Or at work.
Or with friends.
And family.
My boyfriend.
My studies.
The things I like doing.
Things I am passionate about.
I want to be the best. 

But sometimes,
no, most of times,
I compare myself too much.
And have too much expectations.
I get disappointed, then I'll stand back up.
I try harder each time. I don't give up just like that.
But when will it ever be enough?
I don't know. We all won't know.
We just have to keep trying, keep holding on.

And that's just what I'm gonna do.
Time to head home from office


06 July 2010

All The Boys & Girls We Got 'Em Goin' On

Back in the office after an eventful weekend at JB and SG. Boy my weekend was good! Got to know wonderful people, the Narcis family (Craig's mom's side) and the Traazil family (family friend of Fernandez's). We had a taste of Johor's famous chicken chop, went to Bazar Karat, tried the deliciously spicy ayam penyet, went on a dinner cruise around Danga Bay to celebrate Tericca's, Karsten's and Natasha's birthdays which are all nearby.

Yesterday we all headed to Singapore, spent the whole day at Orchard Road doing our shopping (OMG it was havoc I tell you with all the sales going on, as well as Youth Day). Time wasn't enough, well it has never been, has it? Managed to buy myself a pretty purse from Guess, not forgetting the good bargain and super slashed prices. Named her Goldilocks. Teehee. Reached Johor at about 9, had spicy home-cooked crab for dinner while waiting for departure. The Traazil family are such good hosts and hostesses. Waiting to go back to Johor and Singapore for a fun filled round of hangouts and shopping again!

Btw, holidays make me so fat and happy! Oh luvv luvv luvv!

I want to post up pictures but I can't find the USB cable. Been losing my stuff lately. My Adidas sneakers, my work notebook, my bag, my clothes, blablabla. So unlucky lor. And now am in a new department, news department. Working hours are gonna be crazy! World Cup BPL Super League oh feed me already please! (don't want to wish for someone to kill me, so feeding me will do) :P

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well and living happily. =)
Sending my love and regards to all that are near and far, close and distant. <3

p/s: Next holiday stop, Bangkok or Bandung? Which is better for shopping sprees?

25 June 2010

Us. <3

23 June 2010

Walkin' On Sunshine

Melaka was awesome! Very tiring and not much time to tour around, but worth the experience. Can't upload any photos as they're all not with me, but with Vithya. Back to work today, and guess what? I left my Astro tag, pass card, both my phones and my notebook at home. But there's nothing much to do today though. Superiors aren't here, all on leave. 

Agenda for the weekend: Penang with BabyCakes! :)

Travelling alot lately. Tired much but enjoying every bit of it. Life has been pretty amazing, ups and downs and ups and ups along the way makes it all worth it. Love love love you you and you. *Muahh*

Pictures soon, I pwomise!

04 June 2010


It's pretty hectic these few days,
 getting everything ready for SUKMA 2010.

Run here run there
call this person call that person
confirm this confirm that
blah blah blah so much to do.

But it's good, better than sitting around,
 with nothing to do at all.

Anyhoos, Melaka from 08 June - 20 June 2010 !

Never been there,
am so excited to go and learn new things
as well as tour around Melaka.

Those in Melaka, drop me a text if you wanna meet up! =)

"If you want to live a happy life,
tie it to a goal, not to people or things."
- Albert Einstein

01 June 2010

Rock That Body

Today's my first day joining the OB department. OB stands for outside broadcasting btw. Did nothing much, just lots of photostating and stapling. Well, at least there was something to do. Arrived bout 10 mins late for work too thanks to early morning traffic jams and chaos. So susah to buka my mata to wake up for work suddenly as I've been going to work at 3pm and 12pm for the past 4 weeks. I am glad tho as I'll be heading to Melaka for 2 weeks with the OB crew to broadcast SUKMA games! Wee! Never been there before, and I call myself a Malaysian. BLAH. Hehe. Excited much much much as BabyCakes will be there competing too :]

He just left to Penang early this morning again. So I guess I won't be seeing him for a week or two. Maybe in Melaka yeah bebe? Teehee. Last night, had a great night out with Craig, Eza and Steph at Italiannies, as well as Asri who came later to join us for Shrek ( we wanted to watch Prince of Persia at first but it was too late, 12.30am, and too long, 2 and a 1/2 hours, and we all have work in the morning ). I enjoyed it to the max! Puss was so bloody cute neh! Not forgetting ogre babies and flying donkey-dragon babies that were so adorable too.

So yeah, that was my Monday. Manic Monday without the blues.

Gosh. Just thought of rush hour later.
Gotta endure the traffic. Can pengsan liao.
Goin home to watch dvds on bed and munch on potato salad all the way from Ipoh.

Need. To. Exercise. Fat. Already.

Laters :)

25 May 2010

Got my pay already! Yay!
But not in the mood as the day is ending.
Urgh. Hatehatehate.
Anyway, ipoh this weekend! :)

19 May 2010

Meatballs on Wednesday

Hiya blogger!

It's been long.. Hehe. Just felt like updating. Work is good so far. 2 weeks in studio and now 2 weeks in the graphics room. Learning lots of new things, like Photoshop! I know, right? Now only want to learn. But I can crop pictures of people and make targas d. So proud of myself. Teehee :D

Life's been good. Bittersweet. He was in Ipoh for the Sultan Azlan Shah Championship and now in Penang for hockey training for SUKMA next month. He's coming back in a few days tho! Hehe. Then after 2 weeks, it'll be my turn to travel pulak.

There's nothing much to do at work actually.. Am sitting in front of the MAC doing nuts but FB-ing and playing around with Photoshop. Later mau pergi makan (again!). Ngahaha. Astro Arena's a good place with great people. =)

Anyhoo, off to find my colleagues first. Bosan onlining for now.

06 May 2010

Achy Breaky Heart

Sometimes I don't really know the difference, do I still miss you or I think I should miss you? Somehow I listen to love songs and read blogs about missing someone, you will be the first that pop into my head. I don't really know is it because the blog authors share the same predicament as me, broke up and moving on, but yet at times still miss the feeling of being loved, the memories shared, the smile, the kiss on the forehead, our hands that seemed to fit perfectly at the moment. I am not sure if I was brought back to the past, of missing you, influenced by the bloggers, who word my every feeling for the first few months and perhaps till today so perfectly and so true. Perhaps, it was just a perception or dejavu back to the feelings I once felt. But as of this day, though I am not sure if you are the one I miss or the past, I can proudly say, there is no more heartache, sadness and sharp pain in my fragile heart. Is it enough to prove to myself that I have left my past? To me, at this moment, I guess it is enough.

04 May 2010


Interning at Astro Arena is cool. I mean literally cool like cold cold. *BRR*

Induction yesterday was long and finally over. Heh.

Today I'm here at bandar lama PJ, starting my 1st day as an intern. For the month of May, I've been placed in the studio and graphics department. All of us are scattered, and will be rotating in different deparments these 5 months. Thank goodness Astro Arena doesn't practice formal attire wear, can wear almost anything we like. =)

Since it is the 1st day of work and there's nothing much to do, here I am sitting in front of this piece of technology, FB-ing and blogging. Plus, work actually started at 1pm for me! Just killing time till we run a show later, then it'll be time to head home.

Anyone around this PJ old town area, if you're free or need a teman to makan ke or anything, just text me kay! I'd be more than willing to meet up for drinks and food. Also recommendations on places with good food needed. Tak mau makan the same old thing from day to day.

Getting colder and bored again. *yawn*

Go play some FB games first. Heehee.


19 February 2010

To Close My Eyes And Hide

2am at McDonalds. 
Looking around, feeling empty.
There she was, all alone.
Thinking of you. 
What have things become?
What have we become?
We're both breaking inside.
Someone, please teach me what to do.

30 January 2010

I miss you.