18 December 2009

Dream A Lil' Dream of Me

I have been getting late night sleeps, wait, I think it's more of like early in the morning sleeps, about 4am plus thanks to Grey's Anatomy. Indulging myself in the awesome TV series's season 2. Yes yes, I know it has been out years ago, but who cares right? The show is really really good. I like watching situational series based on real life happenings. And oh, the uber cute male doctors, McDreamy and McSteamy. Cute, sexy, intelligent and gorgeous in their manly way.

Eric Dane gets a surprise visit from ... Michael Phelps! From one of the episodes in GA.

Are they hot or what? :D Anyways, holidays have been.. exciting. All the parties and late nights were fun. Not so good incidents occurred too, and it's high time I fix things up. Confusion and misunderstandings here and there, disagreements and unhappiness fills part of the air, but I won't let it eat me up. I'll try bit by bit to fight for my loves. =) Am pretty sad too that holidays are coming to an end, which means goodbye 2009 and hello uni life year 2 sem 2! New resolutions, new challenges, new people. Yeah you know, the usuals.

Suddenly I just don't have much to write anymore (I know I suck as a blogger), so let me end this post with some photos taken throughout this year. Memorable and cherished moments. Enjoy em'! (Pictures uploaded in random order)

That's all for now, folks.
Take care, love ya'll!

Keessus & Huhhggs,

2 potatoes speak:

wadefish said...

ohmygod you uploaded that photo of me with the retarded face. grrr.

great post to end the year with. good to reminisce.

p/s: i will have michael phelps's body before next year ends. just you wait.

Lynnelle said...

hahaha that one's priceless! :D

thank you! and bout michael phelp's body, I think I'll just continue waiting.. but no pressure or hopes, so don't worry :P