03 November 2009

Mini Updates

  • Bro got into an accident, he knocked an old man.
  • The man passed away this morning. Not my bro's fault entirely.
  • Gotta drive him to the lawyer's office tomorrow to settle things.
  • However, he's going through a hard time, post-accident trauma. Pray that he'll be alright.
  • Been reading management. Damn alot to read lor. Approximately 265 pages.
  • Enjoying life here at home that makes me feel not want to go back for my last paper.
  • Something's wrong with my laptop, again. It goes bonkers every time after I shut it down and turn it on again. Stubborn stubborn thing.
  • Most prolly leaving back to uni on Thursday or Friday morning.
  • Will be launching my online boutique by the end of next week or the week after. Am super duper excited. Do drop by, girlies!
  • Not anticipating the filming for UPM's corporate video after my last paper. No idea why.
  • Missing all the people I know that I'm close to. Hols are here! We need to hang out kay!
  • Life is so fragile. Everyone, please take good care always.
  • Signing off, bye.

2 potatoes speak:

Malessa Rz said...

hope your brother goes thru it well. will pray for him. god bless and god bless the old man too. hugs.

Lynnelle said...

thanks babe. hugshugs back.