11 November 2009

I Can't Live Without You!

At last, we get to meet again. It's been six days since I've been without you. I've missed you more than words can say. But here we are again. You and me together, finally. My precious internet. Okay yes I am addicted to the internet, thank you.

Anyway, the past weekend has been awesome!
What happened in brief:
  • Finals ended, FINALLY.
  • Clarey's surprise birthday party, a success! 
  • More pictures soon once I get them.
  • Mun Yee's birthday night-out at The Library.
  • Clearing my ever so messy room.
  • The fammy came down to Serdang.
  • Then went to Seremban for some slimed beef noodles.
  • Shooting for corporate vid? SUCKS.
  • Lack of sleep due to everything, but worth it all.
  • Adventurous clothes hunting for my online shop. Bought loadsa awesome stuffs.
  • No internet for I did not bring down my laptop. Nearly died of boredom.
Now I'm back in Ipoh for good (for now)! But no one is back yet. =S Lambatlah semua orang. When I came home first thing I did was online until now. Imagine how desperate I was/am to use to internet. Am craving for ice-cream and fried ice-cream now. Weirdness. Please come back soon everyone so that we can spend time and gossip and everything!

I shall go hunt for food in the fridge now. Wish me luck.

2 potatoes speak:

wadefish said...

greedy tul budak nie. balik je look for food d. =.= gemuk baru tau.

Lynnelle said...

wat. people hungry ok. kesian in train got no food. huhu =\