15 November 2009

Do You Believe In Magic?

Have been busy for the past few days doing photo shoots for Abraqedabra's first batch of collections. Tiring, but very fun indeed. Steph and I have been publicizing and marketing our new e-shop, running around getting things done to make sure things go well.

For those of you who have blogs and websites, please link my e-shop kays? Pwetty pwetty pwease with sugar coating on top? Teehee. Or if you don't mind helping us advertise, drop me an email and I'll send you the details and the banner. It would be a very big help to us! :)

I came up with some banners for Abraqedabra. It's plain, but striking (only had few days to do it lehh). Do offer your two cents on what you think about it! Good, bad, constructive, bring it on. I need honest opinions. And it will be much appreciated. Here we go -

Banner 1:

Banner 2:

Banner 3:

Banner 4:

Banner 5:

Banner 6:

Banner 7:

I know they are pretty plain (okay very), but I don't really know how to use the editing software. So am actually playing around with it and came up with these. Help tips and guidelines, anyone? Maybe any other software that's easier, or where to find generators and good graphics and backgrounds? Hope someone will be able to help me out.

Anyway, comments people! I need to know what you think! =)

6 potatoes speak:

kenwooi said...

lovely designs..
simple.. yet creative! =)


Anonymous said...

I think all of them look really nice except for Banner 5 & 6. Just visited your other blog :)

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Lynnelle said...

kenwooi: Thanks! (: Still a long way to be a pro. Hehe.

IMCurtain: Ahh alrighty. Thank you for the honest opinion =)

November 15,

A.D. said...

hye saw ur Abraqedabra site...very nice...
bout, the banner: love banner 3 n like banner 7...huhu

Lynnelle said...

thank you!! :)) we'll be updating tmrw, full launch of the first collections at 9pm. Visit kays!

JoYce said...

rooting for Banner 7!!!
BTW Daphane..LOVE your blogshop.
Good luck!!!