07 November 2009

Baby Turns 21 Today ! :)

My digital clock beeps 0000 hours.
It is 7th November 2009.
Which means that...
Clarence Choong Weng Ki is legally 21 !

May you have a wonderful and blessed birthday,
and that you'd continue to grow as a whole in
maturity, love, ideals, spiritually,
and every other aspect that life has to offer.
Cheers to the all the great things in life!
Big boy already, must sang sang seng seng kay?
You've obtained the key to freedom,
but use it wisely in everything you do.
And remember me always ! *winky*

"Me and you, singing to all
Me and you, we’re not so small
Me and you can stand up tall
Me and you, just having a ball
Happy to be, you and me."

— Barry Louis Polisar “Me and You”

2 potatoes speak:

[s]ue[s]hyan said...

wauuu....so suuuweeeet~~~
wish both of all the BEST and stick together ALL THE TIME!! wakakaka..

Lynnelle said...

thanks girl :)