02 October 2009

Terbang Ke Awan

DD is back in Ipoh! Again. I know. Hee. Supposed to be back tomorrow but due to last minute changes I ended up at the Ipoh train station at 9.30pm :)

Went to Sg Wang for shopping with Eza on Wednesday. I just teman-ed her to get her furry boots before she left for Berlin. I was only window shopping, butbutbut the stuffs were so tempting. Thank goodness I have strong willpower to stop myself from buying dresses and shorts and skirts and shoes on that day. But I bought a jumpsuit! Totally lovin' it~ Anyways bout Eza, she's on the plane now. Have a safe trip and amazing getaway babe! Don't forget the souvenirs. Heheh. (She'll be reading this only after 2 weeks. Hahh.)

Lately I've been easily frustrated over things. Especially groupwork and stuff. Not easy to work with people, not at all. Easier to work with machines, like my laptop. Well, life's like that. So I keep telling myself, "Don't worry, be happy." And then I watch Wentworth Miller in Prison Break and everything gets fine and back to normal. Oh how pretty he looks. And sexy he sounds. Obessessing over him alot together with my roomie lately. What's a poor girl to do, right..?

Roommies Jun & DD

Just got back not too long ago from Nasmir with the fammy. And I wonder why do people stare sometimes. Some even laugh after. I know, it's my birth mark, but heck, are these people that shallow-minded? Hmm. I don't know. Maybe it's funny. Maybe I look funny. Maybe they think it's fake and it's a fashion statement. But whatthehell are you people laughing at?!? Malaysians, I tell you. Always the same. But anyways, BLAH. Got used to these kind of idiots and not gonna bother bout it. Waste of energy and feelings. I'm confident with myself, so hop along, shallow-minded cows. Falala. Love me or hate me, it is still an obssession.

That's all for tonight folks! Lovelove <3

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