31 October 2009

Stop Running!


Finally done with all papers except one. And I'm waiting for the 1800 hours train to go back to Ipoh. Weehee. Sitting on the dirty floor of KL Sentral just next to KFC and typing this. Oh don't worry, there are many others sitting with me, I'm not the only weirdo. Hehh.

My parents and siblings have no idea that I'm actually going back today. I'm so gonna surprise them later! Ekeke. Sajalah, too free got nothing to do. I'm carrying so so many stuff, I nearly died of suffocation on the way from Serdang to here. KTM really needs to buck up. Trying to bring stuff back so that the car won't explode next weekend when my parents come down to take the rest of the stuff. Too many clothes, but it never seems enough! Well it's normal, I'm a girl maa. =P

Have I ever mentioned that I totally wholeheartedly hate a runny nose? YES, I HATE RUNNY NOSE. I HATE FLU! Super sanfuu to do anything or go anywhere, and have to bring a gazillion tissue packets and even toilet paper around! I wonder why can't it stop running?? Yea, my tissue packets ran out, I had no choice okay. Then every time gotta sniff and sniff and sniff to suck the mucus back into nose before it drips out all slimy and ewwy. Gross but true. Don't tell me you've never experienced that ok! Sure lying one. Haha.

Anyway I'm just dead bored here and my battery is running out and my nose is still runny and I am hungry and I'm looking at pretty dresses but cannot buy and I hate waiting and it is a torture. I just can't wait to be on the train and back home for some good ol' Ipoh food.

See yah Boo yah !

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