12 October 2009

Sing Like A Bird, Dizzy In My Head

Just finished my Agri & Man 2nd quiz.
No finals for that paper! Yay! :)

Spent whole weekend with Ninja and turtle at his new place. Much fun to just hang together and watch shows while pigging out on Ramly burger, Indo mee, roti Milo and chips. So unhealthy, i know! But nice. Hee. Bought a cardigan online, waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. Gonna be busy tonight researching about NCSM - National Cancer Society Malaysia, for Ad Unplugged tomorrow. Very excited, and a lil scared at the same time.

Btw, I am too addicted to the internet lately. Like SERIOUSLY addicted. But I don't really bother bout it. I just know I have to online everyday, even for awhile. Bad, very very, bad. =\ Anyways, currently waiting to attend my next class at 5. Super boring class - Principle of Management.

Ok gottago nows.

*fingers hop to click to e-boutiques*

That's another addiction of mine!
*gasps* :O
Okay byee.

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