30 October 2009

Looney Tunes Life

Why do I feel that everything is going so fast? My life's really fast-paced at the moment. But that's good, because 2 more papers till finals are over! :D Lovely, just lovely.

Four papers down:
Agriculture & Man,
Broadcasting Management,
Communication Research Method,
Ethnic Relations.

Video/Tv Production & Presentation is tomorrow, and lastly Management on Friday.

Yays! When I'm done with finals, then only those from other universities are starting theirs. Muahaha :P I'm returning to Ipoh soon, after so long. Life's been pretty okay, and I'm glad. =)
Gonna work after finals and start off my secret plans. Jengjengjeng.

I have 2 lil baby turts! Clarey bought another, and their so so cute!
Check them out here.

It's time for DD to take a nap. Bye fellas!

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