04 October 2009

I Love Meat

Had buffet dinner at Korean BBQ with The Choongs earlier tonight. The food was just mediocre, nothing really special. Pretty limited varieties. We were there to celebrate Clarey's momma's be-early birthday, and also in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival. I had a fun night out with them. A really cute family. And a super loving one too. =) Btw, I received my military jacket in the mail last Monday, and it's rockin' bebbeh! Just now I was shopping online for another laced top. It is so addictive to shop online! Gosh. Gotta fight the urge. Gotta fight the urge. Gotta fight the..
oh well, I'll start fighting tomorrow. Hehh :P
It's time for bed already. Candy dreams!

the DD fairy.

Brainjuice: And we still get that fluttery 'butterflies-in-my-stomach' feeling almost every time we meet. Even after so long. Weird, but I like it that way. <3

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