27 September 2009

Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Let It Go

Raya holidays were FAWESOME! :)))
Fantastic outings, fantastic people,
fantastic food & everything else.
Open house, Shopping, Taiping, Teluk Batik,
Seafood, Kbox, The Ugly Truth, Bbq = Happy Me!
Leaving back to Serdang in exactly 3 hours.
Super super sleepy, just finished packing my stuff.
Waiting to come back for Deepavali maybe?
Teehee. Back to skool means classes *yawn*
Presentation first thing tomorrow at 0800 hours,
And the preparation for finals begin~
I had an awesome-wowsome holidayy bebbeh.
Hope you did too!

A lil hug and kiss, & lots of love,
the DD fairy :)

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