22 August 2009

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da

These few days, it felt as if life was really kicking me in the arse. Everything was just going against me. I was in a quiet quiet mood, live show was not as good as the week before. Working in a group is actually much harder than it was ever before. Especially in broadcasting. Much more than you can imagine. I realized that sometimes people won't always see things the way you see it, and to them it's a totally different thing. Which kinda sucks, because everyone wants to defend themselves and prove that their way and perceptions are right. So at times, it's just better to give in, no? Hmm. I don't know. But I sure as hell won't give up on myself and working for the team.

You fall, you get back up. That's a fighter's spirit.

I'm so glad to be back in Ipoh. Although it's only for like, 2 days or maybe less. Home is always the best place to be. "What's so nice bout Ipoh?", you'd ask. Being around my wonderful family, going to old town kopitiam for tea, better internet access at home, watched UP, the Pixar animation which was awesome, topped up my storage of movies and tv series, and not forgetting the good company I've had. What could be better than that? Nothing that I can think of for now. Am going back to UPM tomorrow, won't be back till the raya break. Yeah, I'm gonna be in KL for Merdeka. Don't want to travel because it's school holidays and it'll be such a hassle.

My baby sister's getting sick. Pray that she'll recover soon. The other sister will be having her UPSR exam in 2 weeks time. My brother's SPM trials will be coming up in a week's time, I think. Mom and dad are doing alright but have been better. I wanna stay home and not go back. Such a homely girl, aren't I? Teehee. Figured my life's pretty boring tho. I need to make it more happening.

Anyhoo, time to sleep. *yawn* Gotta be up early tomorrow.
Goodnight, aliens. (=

2 potatoes speak:

A.D. said...

having the blues is normal..huhu i hv it too...but don't turn blue..stay pink always... & people don't really see eye to eye... but put your foot down sometimes too.. hehehe..

p.s. : i want ipoh egg tart..

Dylan Phuah said...

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