16 August 2009

Love Letter To Japan

Chocolate as Idol
The first people to make use of cocoa were the Mayans, who lived in the Yucatan Peninsula as long ago as A.D. 600. The Mayans worshipped the cocoa bean as an idol, and cocoa was closely linked to the Mayan merchant God, Ek Chuah.

Chocolate as Money
The Mayans, and later the Aztecs, used cocoa beans as currency. In fact, in some parts of Central America, cocoa beans were used as currency as recently as the 1800s. Early explorers of the Americas found that with 100 cocoa beans you could buy a slave, and with 10 cocoa beans you could buy a rabbit. When the Spanish explorer, Don Cortes, was introduced to a chocolate drink by the Aztec emperor Montezuma, Cortes wasn't particularly impressed - but he did like the idea that money could grow on cocoa trees! Realizing the product's value as currency, he established a cocoa plantation to cultivate cash (this gives new meaning to the idea of a chocolate mint!).

Chocolate as Medicine
The Mayans used cocoa for treatment of coughs, fever, and discomfort during pregnancy. The Aztecs thought that wisdom and power came from eating the fruit of the cocoa tree. In Europe, some of the earliest cocoa makers were apothecaries (early chemists) who were interested in the supposed medicinal porperties of cocoa. In seventeenth-century Holland, cocoa was recommended by doctors as a cure for almost every ailment. More recent research points to the health benefits of eating dark chocolate - for example, as a means of preventing cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

I'm craving for this right now...
I wish I have a car here.
Or better if Starbucks has delivery service.
Chocolate frapp with extra extra whipped cream.
Sigh :S


Just a short history of chocolate for fun reading. It's an article in my management book that we had to read for exam. I'm so happy mid-sem exams are over! Everyone else is going back for their mid semester break except for us here in UPM. =( I want to go back to Ipoh! Unfair unfair unfair. Plus it's my dad's birthday tomorrow. Couldn't be there to celebrate both my parents' birthdays this year. And all my besties' 21sts too. Mally, Steph, Sook Ching, Eza.

Responsibilities really do suck at times man. Sometimes, I just wanna let everything be and have fun fun fun, but I can't. Big girl oledi, must guai guai and be hardworking. That's what my grammy will tell me. Hehe. Fear not, for I shall try to go back to my dear hometown this coming weekend! Wait for me, Ipoh!

Now to continue feeding my current addiction - Grey's Anatomy.

Toodles everyone :)

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aira hanneY said...

thumbs up`u make me hungry~

Lynn said...

Chocolate lovers we are =)