15 August 2009

Adversity Cause Some Men To Break, Others To Break Records

And for the record, I break records. *wink* This whole week has been the busiest week of my entire semester! For now, that is.

Monday -
Whole day of classes, 8am - 7pm. Had Agriculture & Man quiz.

Tuesday -
Studied for 2 exam papers for the following day and finished up assignment to pass it up the next day.

Wednesday -
8am - Broadcasting Management exam, 9am - Communication Research Method exam, and whole day spent at the broadcasting studio in faculty to set up props and test run. Went back at about 2am plus.

Thursday -
At faculty at 8am. Started rehearsals. Went live for H.O.T.S. (Hands On The Sport) on Aspirasi Putra TV from 1-2pm. It went well. Totally awesome! Headed to library after to study till 7pm plus. Principles of Management exam at 8pm. Another rehearsal as a guest for my friend's live show at studio, again.

Friday -
Live show (Language Express) from 11am-12pm. Slept whole day after that.

Saturday a.k.a. today -
Went shooting for next episode at sports complex. Played squash, or at least tried to. Lol.

Sunday a.k.a. tomorrow -
Ethnic Relations exam.

Now, back in room. Resting, reading ethnic relations for tomorrow's exam and typing this post. My eyes are small and so not fresh looking. My shoulder and back hurts. My face is like crap. My brain is half asleep. I am reading the textbook but information aren't being digested, nothing stays in my head. I'm so burned out. Hectic week, but it was stressfully fun. Well, broadcasting student marr. Eeheee.

p/s: Live show was fantasticawesomefabulousness! :)))

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