19 July 2009

Original Glazed Krispy Kreme

Daphne went shopping at Times Square today.
Daphne bought 5 dresses.
Daphne bought pretty beige wedges.
Daphne had Wendy's for brunner a.k.a breakfast-lunch-dinner.
Daphne is getting hooked on Prison Break, just like someone.
Daphne misses you. All of you.


5 potatoes speak:

karmen said...

Karmen misses you, too. Oh my gosh!!! 5 dresses!!?? You are so crazy!

siewwei said...

hey, i was at times square too!!!=) hope u have a great day =)

cheyenne said...

miss...i want krispy kreme as well...pls buy tonnes and ship it back to ipoh pls....

Lynn said...

karmen: =) How's Perlis treating you? Five is not enough! Haha :D

siewwei: Hello girl! Everyone was going crazy over the sales, including me. Lol. You take care yeah =)

cheyenne: Krispy Kreme's really yummy! I shall buy back to Ipoh and sell 'em for a higher price per donut. Muahaha. XD

huey lin said...

i want dresses too. it was last century since i bought my dresses. ergh.

hey interested to be in the friendship camp committee this year? we need 2nd years to lead the juniors... =) think about it okay? let me know next week :)))