16 July 2009

Challenge Your Limits

Shoot shoot shoot.
That's what I did today since 4pm.
Shooting for my group's talk show programme.
Then photo shoot for UPM's alumni magazine
or something like that.
Fun fun fun.
But tired tired tired.
I'm starting to feel that
what I'm studying is pretty interesting after all.
It's gonna be a challenging but exciting semester!
Can't wait to start live production next next week.
Smile smile smile.

2 potatoes speak:

Steven Chang said...

eh daph, regarding talk show, do u have any videos of some great ones? i will be having a talk show presentation in 3 weeks' time. would be glad if you can chip in some ideas for me. i want some super funny or outstanding talk show if you have any. =)

Lynn said...

what kind of talkshow would you be doing? what concept? vids you can find on the internet. are you doing an entertainment based talkshow, or discussion about important issues or etc? gotta know what's your talkshow about first