07 June 2009

We Were Boxing, You Were Swinging From Mars

It has been one busy busy week! So many errands to run, places to go, CHC, appointments to meet, endless meet-ups and yum cha sessions, movie outings, book fair visits and shopping. Phew. Tiring tiring tiring because I had to wake up early the whole week and now I lack lots of sleep. At last some time to really online and stock up on my collection of movies and TV series. =D

CHC was great fun indeed. I miss the kids in my group. Sometimes hard to handle, but worth it. And they kept calling me 'xiao huang', which means little yellow. LOL. They can be really nice and angelic and lovely and the minute you turn away they change into 100% naughtyness. And Jeremy who was afraid of chipmunks and VERY into Transformers. Super adorable lor. And Kar Men came back on Friday night! She surprised me till I 'eeeek-ed' when I saw her and she had tears in her eyes. Kar Men, if you're reading this, I miss you and I'm waiting to hear more stories from you! It's just amazing that we've gotten close. I'm so glad I have such wonderful people around me. Yes, you, you, you and maybe you who's currently reading this too. =)

It's just so fast that one month of my hols have passed and I have exactly one more month to go. Ah, what the heck. Ipoh's just the place I wanna be.

p/s: There's a full moon tonight, and it looks so bright. It is beautiful. It really is. One day, I'm gonna fulfill this little wish I have out of my so many wishes - to lie on the rooftop and just enjoy looking at the stars and the moon.

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karmen said...

Yes.. I just read.

Girl!!! I miss you loads man! And yea.. we've really gotten close. I thank God for you. You've always been listening to me and being there to support. Thanks hon! Glad to have you in my life. Take care. Hope to see you soon. Hope you liked the "surprise". :)