07 January 2009

There She Goes Again

Finally, internet connection!
I'm at Sanggar Bahasa Moden & Komunikasi now. Because I'm not able to surf the internet back in college. Stupidness. First few days of classes were tiring, not because my timetable was packed, but I think I'm just not used to waking up early again (or maybe I'm getting old. HAHA). Plus I was so stressed out because of 2 of my courses could not be registered at all. Thank God that today, everything was settled. All of a sudden I was able to register through the stupid online system. Praise the Lord! :)

This semester, I'll be taking :

  1. Kenegaraan
  2. Principles and Cultures of Journalism
  3. Introduction to Mass Communication
  4. Interactive Speaking
  5. Script Writing
  6. Computer Usage in HRD
Have pretty strict but good lecturers this sem. And it's gonna be one hectic semester. Full with events to attend and assignments to complete and videos to shoot. Yes, I'll be learning em this sem. Will be quite busy these few days as UPM, to be more precise, my faculty and course major (broadcasting) department will be hosting Festival Filem dan Video Pelajar 2009 from the 8 to 11 January. Many important people from the industry will be attending the many screenings and the Awards Night. Nothing much to wear, didn't really bring most of my clothes back. =\ Maybe I'll just get something new? Hehe :D

Anyways, time to research on my assignment topics.
Till the next update, taa!

2 potatoes speak:

che-mie said...

gud luck to u

DaphLynn said...

che-mie: Thanks. =) You are?