12 January 2009

My 101 Post

First week back in university sucked. Big time.So not into talking about it.
My left eye is swollen, and I am currently having explosive diarrhea. Go toilet so many times close eyes also know the way.

I just miss:
- The Choos
- EY
- My bed
- My pigbear
- My bathroom and water heater
- Ipoh food
- Everyone else that is away

One week in uni feels like a month. Gosh.
Can't wait to be back for Chinese New Year! Haven't gone CNY shopping yet also. Aiyaiyai.
And nowadays, I'm studying everyday. Aren't I a good student? HEHEHE :D

Ok lah, I wanna go catch up on news and gossip news etc.
Take care peeps! My smiles to all!

p/s: So much for my 101st post. Bahh.

5 potatoes speak:

nostrodust said...

what... not enought holiday ker... huhu so bighead guppy ok lor i need attend my class after so long haha

DaphLynn said...

Of course it isn't enough! Haha. You da guppy, not me. So long didn't see you around in college or anywhere d. Mana you hilang?

bellverse said...

and also Mr C rite..hehehe

Asyraf Azizan said...

hepi CNY

DaphLynn said...

bellverse: =D

Asyraf: Thanks!