19 January 2009

Cousins' Night

A night with Clarey's relatives was fun! I enjoyed it.
Thanks for inviting me over, Boy. Though I'm not related. =)
Colin, Cheryl and Clarence cooked dinner. I like the sheperd's pie most. Played games after dinner and it was so funny I tell you. After everyone left, we cleaned up and then Clarey & I watched South Park, Family Guy and American Dad. Stupid and lame and dirrty but definitely funny. =D Slept at 3am, woke at 7.45am. *Yawns*

Now I'm back in uni, and that means back to work, studies, assignments, dance practices, etc. And now I'm in the library researching on tokoh malaysia dalam bidang sosial, Confucius and typing this. Anyway, I better get back to work. See you Ipoh people this weekend! Can't wait!


4 potatoes speak:

exabelle said...

fun ehh? but u didn mention what happened during movie or before sleeping lah babe. hahahaha. ehhh did clarence go voting? cos i did. (so proud of myself)

DaphLynn said...

LOL. Didn't mention because got nothing to mention about. Haha XD Hmm I don't think he did.
Support KUPPU! :D

wadefish said...

haha. hmm. fishy. hey, i did go for voting la. i voted for your friend kuppu la. see, im so nice to your friend.

Lynn said...

What's so fishy, other than you? :P Ohh you did? Good boy =D