26 December 2009

I Don't Want Alot For Christmas

1 week, 2 granduncles, 2 deaths.

Lately, I have been hearing news about many people passing on. Last Sunday, my granduncle, my dad's uncle, passed away. Today, my aunt's father-in-law passed away merely hours ago after celebrating his birthday. Yes, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, his birthday. These kind of deaths, are physical deaths. The dying of one's body. Because our earthly bodies do not last, but perishes and is never lasting. When we die, we leave behind everything in this world. All your possessions, money, status, achievements, everything. Including the people we love. In our lives, we either get left behind, or we leave behind. Difference? It's all according to time. God's time.

Do you believe in life after death? I believe that when we die, we leave this world and move on to a better place. Not better, but a much more glorious place called heaven. In heaven where everything is far beyond all wonderful things we can imagine, especially when we meet with our Creator and all our loved ones. I was pondering, one day while sitting at home, after returning home from Seremban. Would you rather live a long prosperous life here on earth? Or a shorter period on earth but a lifetime in heaven? It is not for us to choose when we will die or stuff related, I know. But have you ever gave it a thought?

We can't choose when to die or how to die, but we can choose how to live and be a change to the world. I haven't been living the example life of a Christian. I have been disobedient, lazy, indiscipline, and the list goes on. I know what has to be done, but sometimes I just brush it aside. You know, the usual "Oh don't worry about it, I'll definitely start tomorrow, or I won't harm me, I can control myself". But in the end, those are just lies that I use to comfort myself, push it away so that I don't have to face it.

I want to mend the relationship between me and my Father in heaven. I don't want to continue being a hypocrite, only searching for God when I am in confusion or trouble or when I need help on something. I believe, therefore I should create a brand new start. Don't just talk the talk, walk it. Walk the talk, then talk about it. What's the true meaning of Christmas? Search and understand it with your heart. Do not be like all those who celebrate it with the distorted meaning of "X'mas", so they call it, created by the world to fool you. Learn to celebrate life and love and all blessings from God above, not just receive gifts and party like there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, just some pictures to "cheer" this post up!

The Wonder Parents!
(during the filming of Talentime)

My brother Desmond and his long lost twin.

My sisters Delwyn and Davina.

Hat Yai 2008 with the lovely fammy. =)

Christmas eve '09 with beau at Dennis' Jazz Bistro.
Flash membuatku kelihatan seperti hantu.

It isn't about living a suffering-free life, but learning to rejoice in suffering be it whatever the circumstances are. We should count our blessings, not what our life is short of. Be thankful for everything and appreciate, for all may be gone in just a matter of time.

Merry Christmas &
Happy Boxing Day! :)

18 December 2009

Dream A Lil' Dream of Me

I have been getting late night sleeps, wait, I think it's more of like early in the morning sleeps, about 4am plus thanks to Grey's Anatomy. Indulging myself in the awesome TV series's season 2. Yes yes, I know it has been out years ago, but who cares right? The show is really really good. I like watching situational series based on real life happenings. And oh, the uber cute male doctors, McDreamy and McSteamy. Cute, sexy, intelligent and gorgeous in their manly way.

Eric Dane gets a surprise visit from ... Michael Phelps! From one of the episodes in GA.

Are they hot or what? :D Anyways, holidays have been.. exciting. All the parties and late nights were fun. Not so good incidents occurred too, and it's high time I fix things up. Confusion and misunderstandings here and there, disagreements and unhappiness fills part of the air, but I won't let it eat me up. I'll try bit by bit to fight for my loves. =) Am pretty sad too that holidays are coming to an end, which means goodbye 2009 and hello uni life year 2 sem 2! New resolutions, new challenges, new people. Yeah you know, the usuals.

Suddenly I just don't have much to write anymore (I know I suck as a blogger), so let me end this post with some photos taken throughout this year. Memorable and cherished moments. Enjoy em'! (Pictures uploaded in random order)

That's all for now, folks.
Take care, love ya'll!

Keessus & Huhhggs,

07 December 2009

So I Tell Myself To

20 November 2009

Eenie Meenie Miinie Mo

This -

this -

or this?

Oh I don't know which to choose.
This is why I dislike making decisions!
Why can't a girl just have it all?? :(

Sikit Sikit Lama Lama Jadi Bukit

Morning, loves! Don't know am I up so early today @.@ But am heading down to KL later, yayy! Hehe. Anyway, A Christmas Carol last night was good! We went western for dinner at Scotch Pub, steak was so-so. I think it was better last time, wayyy better. But a fun night out anyway with my Clarey. =)

I'm currently so into this song! Love the lyrics too. 

Orianthi - According To You

Random, I know. Goodday babies! :D

18 November 2009

Wanna Be Happy? Just Be!

I'm glad Abraqedabra got off on a decent start.
Just want to thank all who gave their support all the way.
It does mean very very much to me,
especially those that were quite unexpected.
Do continue to support us kay?

16 November 2009

Mixed Feelings

Abraqedabra will be launching it's first collection of clothes later tonight, Monday, 16 Nov 2009 at 8pm. Be there to check out the goodies in store kay!

Much love from Daphie.
*muacksies* :)))

15 November 2009

Do You Believe In Magic?

Have been busy for the past few days doing photo shoots for Abraqedabra's first batch of collections. Tiring, but very fun indeed. Steph and I have been publicizing and marketing our new e-shop, running around getting things done to make sure things go well.

For those of you who have blogs and websites, please link my e-shop kays? Pwetty pwetty pwease with sugar coating on top? Teehee. Or if you don't mind helping us advertise, drop me an email and I'll send you the details and the banner. It would be a very big help to us! :)

I came up with some banners for Abraqedabra. It's plain, but striking (only had few days to do it lehh). Do offer your two cents on what you think about it! Good, bad, constructive, bring it on. I need honest opinions. And it will be much appreciated. Here we go -

Banner 1:

Banner 2:

Banner 3:

Banner 4:

Banner 5:

Banner 6:

Banner 7:

I know they are pretty plain (okay very), but I don't really know how to use the editing software. So am actually playing around with it and came up with these. Help tips and guidelines, anyone? Maybe any other software that's easier, or where to find generators and good graphics and backgrounds? Hope someone will be able to help me out.

Anyway, comments people! I need to know what you think! =)

11 November 2009

I Can't Live Without You!

At last, we get to meet again. It's been six days since I've been without you. I've missed you more than words can say. But here we are again. You and me together, finally. My precious internet. Okay yes I am addicted to the internet, thank you.

Anyway, the past weekend has been awesome!
What happened in brief:
  • Finals ended, FINALLY.
  • Clarey's surprise birthday party, a success! 
  • More pictures soon once I get them.
  • Mun Yee's birthday night-out at The Library.
  • Clearing my ever so messy room.
  • The fammy came down to Serdang.
  • Then went to Seremban for some slimed beef noodles.
  • Shooting for corporate vid? SUCKS.
  • Lack of sleep due to everything, but worth it all.
  • Adventurous clothes hunting for my online shop. Bought loadsa awesome stuffs.
  • No internet for I did not bring down my laptop. Nearly died of boredom.
Now I'm back in Ipoh for good (for now)! But no one is back yet. =S Lambatlah semua orang. When I came home first thing I did was online until now. Imagine how desperate I was/am to use to internet. Am craving for ice-cream and fried ice-cream now. Weirdness. Please come back soon everyone so that we can spend time and gossip and everything!

I shall go hunt for food in the fridge now. Wish me luck.

07 November 2009

Baby Turns 21 Today ! :)

My digital clock beeps 0000 hours.
It is 7th November 2009.
Which means that...
Clarence Choong Weng Ki is legally 21 !

May you have a wonderful and blessed birthday,
and that you'd continue to grow as a whole in
maturity, love, ideals, spiritually,
and every other aspect that life has to offer.
Cheers to the all the great things in life!
Big boy already, must sang sang seng seng kay?
You've obtained the key to freedom,
but use it wisely in everything you do.
And remember me always ! *winky*

"Me and you, singing to all
Me and you, we’re not so small
Me and you can stand up tall
Me and you, just having a ball
Happy to be, you and me."

— Barry Louis Polisar “Me and You”

05 November 2009

Random Nothings

# Period pain is so damn, pain.
# Whole day of rain makes me a sleepy girl.
# Was wondering about something. Then I thought, oh whatever.
# Tonight don't need to sleep, for gotta leave tomorrow at 4.40am.
# Love and dislike is in the air. You're lucky I'm no hater.
# Little Charissa here at home is bloody adorable. Super.
# The torture of exams ends tomorrow. Hooray !
# You are a manifestation of your thoughts.
# Holidays, here I come! *toodles* :))

03 November 2009

Mini Updates

  • Bro got into an accident, he knocked an old man.
  • The man passed away this morning. Not my bro's fault entirely.
  • Gotta drive him to the lawyer's office tomorrow to settle things.
  • However, he's going through a hard time, post-accident trauma. Pray that he'll be alright.
  • Been reading management. Damn alot to read lor. Approximately 265 pages.
  • Enjoying life here at home that makes me feel not want to go back for my last paper.
  • Something's wrong with my laptop, again. It goes bonkers every time after I shut it down and turn it on again. Stubborn stubborn thing.
  • Most prolly leaving back to uni on Thursday or Friday morning.
  • Will be launching my online boutique by the end of next week or the week after. Am super duper excited. Do drop by, girlies!
  • Not anticipating the filming for UPM's corporate video after my last paper. No idea why.
  • Missing all the people I know that I'm close to. Hols are here! We need to hang out kay!
  • Life is so fragile. Everyone, please take good care always.
  • Signing off, bye.

31 October 2009

Stop Running!


Finally done with all papers except one. And I'm waiting for the 1800 hours train to go back to Ipoh. Weehee. Sitting on the dirty floor of KL Sentral just next to KFC and typing this. Oh don't worry, there are many others sitting with me, I'm not the only weirdo. Hehh.

My parents and siblings have no idea that I'm actually going back today. I'm so gonna surprise them later! Ekeke. Sajalah, too free got nothing to do. I'm carrying so so many stuff, I nearly died of suffocation on the way from Serdang to here. KTM really needs to buck up. Trying to bring stuff back so that the car won't explode next weekend when my parents come down to take the rest of the stuff. Too many clothes, but it never seems enough! Well it's normal, I'm a girl maa. =P

Have I ever mentioned that I totally wholeheartedly hate a runny nose? YES, I HATE RUNNY NOSE. I HATE FLU! Super sanfuu to do anything or go anywhere, and have to bring a gazillion tissue packets and even toilet paper around! I wonder why can't it stop running?? Yea, my tissue packets ran out, I had no choice okay. Then every time gotta sniff and sniff and sniff to suck the mucus back into nose before it drips out all slimy and ewwy. Gross but true. Don't tell me you've never experienced that ok! Sure lying one. Haha.

Anyway I'm just dead bored here and my battery is running out and my nose is still runny and I am hungry and I'm looking at pretty dresses but cannot buy and I hate waiting and it is a torture. I just can't wait to be on the train and back home for some good ol' Ipoh food.

See yah Boo yah !

30 October 2009

With All I Am, I Can

I'm the most terrible daughter. It feels so bad I don't know how to describe it. I'm sorry dad, I'm sorry mom. I've not been good enough. Spending too much, splurging without thinking. What the hell was I thinking?!? Right, I wasn't even thinking when I did. This month, I've been using too much. Too much money. I don't know why, but I just feel so fecking terrible and sucky all of a sudden. Come to think of it, I don't think I've really been a good daughter, and sister, and friend. This holiday, I'm gonna work and earn back what I've wasted. I'm gonna start my little business, my passion, and give my 300% in everything I do. And for the right reasons. For my family, my friends, my loved ones. "Stop being selfish and start acting right", the voice inside of me tells me. I have been taking things for granted, and it's time to put a stop to it.

I am going to change.
I am going to change things.
I am going to change the way I think.
I am going to change the way I act.
I am going to change for me.
I am going to change for you.
I am going to change for them, for us.
I don't really care what the world thinks,
I just want to be a better Daphne.

p.s. : Sorry for the sudden emo post. It just got me thinking about my current attitude towards life and other things. And thus the need to spill my emotions somewhere.

Looney Tunes Life

Why do I feel that everything is going so fast? My life's really fast-paced at the moment. But that's good, because 2 more papers till finals are over! :D Lovely, just lovely.

Four papers down:
Agriculture & Man,
Broadcasting Management,
Communication Research Method,
Ethnic Relations.

Video/Tv Production & Presentation is tomorrow, and lastly Management on Friday.

Yays! When I'm done with finals, then only those from other universities are starting theirs. Muahaha :P I'm returning to Ipoh soon, after so long. Life's been pretty okay, and I'm glad. =)
Gonna work after finals and start off my secret plans. Jengjengjeng.

I have 2 lil baby turts! Clarey bought another, and their so so cute!
Check them out here.

It's time for DD to take a nap. Bye fellas!

25 October 2009

I Wanna I Wanna I Wanna

I am studying. But not enough.

24 October 2009

I Hate Flu

Photo shoot, filming, filming, photo shoot.
I'm getting sick soon, I hope not though.
Exams starting officially on Tuesday.
Waiting for the sem to be over,
Lots of plans coming up! :)
Wish me the best peepos!

17 October 2009

Tell Laura I Love Her

You know those times, when you sit alone in your room, your roommie already 'balik kampung', and all around you are just dull, lifeless objects. I know those times, for yesterday was and today are such times. I sit, press the 'power on' button of my laptop, surf the internet for interesting stuff to read, watch episodes of Family Guy, do my assignments and so on. Then comes a moment where I would just stare away from this piece of technology in front of me, take a deep breath and exhale.


Exhale all the negative thoughts and emotions from my mind. For all that goes in has to come out, just a matter of time. Images and thoughts of the past, of how we were, the fun we had, the bond that seemed unbreakable. Are they meant to be just memories and only memories? I could not tell. I feel so nostalgic. I have felt it several times, but the truth is I just shut it off and distract myself. For what use it is to feel something that cannot be acted on when you know that things will not change no matter what? Not now, not now, you might say. If not now, then when? 6 months time? A year? 3 years?

Yes, even time takes time. Just so you know, I miss you much. Although I doubt it'll mean anything to you anymore, I still do. I hold no hard feelings or grudges against you, but feelings of sadness and definitely, love. Like they say, do unto others as you want others to do unto you. But do you treat someone a certain way because of the way they treated you? Or do you treat someone that way because it is from your heart, in a sincere manner? If your loved one were to treat you in the most terrible way, would you still love him and act in kindness and love? Or would you repay him the exact way he treated you, for revenge is sweet?

People, if any of you think revenge is sweet, let me tell you this. You are wrong. Revenge is not sweet. It is bittersweet. It is sweet, in the beginning, to see that someone receiving the same (bad) treatment you had, but then it will bitterly eat you up, the devil in you, the dark side of your soul. In this world, people only do things if they see that it can be beneficial to themselves in any kind of way. Things that make them happy, feel good, powerful, etc. Nowadays, people will do anything to satisfy their own feelings. Don't you agree? It is shallow, then again, imperfect beings we are. But it is not to be used as an excuse to continue being that way.

I am not going to justify my actions no more, for it is of no use. But I dare say - I love you nonetheless. I still care, I still want to be there. Unfortunately, that is as far as I can go because it takes two hands to clap. I will not blame you for your actions, and I hope you will not for mine. I may have not been the bestest friend, the most interesting person, or all that, but I am me. It is entirely up to your decision, how you would like to treat me since that day. I respect that.

Maybe it was right all along, that friends do come & go. People come into our lives for a reason. When there's no reason left to stay, that's when they'll say goodbye. It is like the four seasons of friendship & relationship. They might be good friends, family members, your partner, anyone. Once their season has passed, we just gotta keep movin' on. But some of those that truly have been there through it all and know you well and accept you for who and how you are, those are the ones to cherish.

As much as I do not really agree, recent events have triggered my thoughts and it makes me wonder if everything has a timeline. Just like in economics - the introduction, growth, maturity and decline. I choose not to believe this theory when it is associated with human relationships, which involves more than just a product, a person. I still stand strong to what I believe in, just hoping that people will prove me right.

Questions to ponder upon:
Has our friendship reached the climax of the maturity stage?
Is it ready to decline? If it is, are we gonna allow it to?
Is it time's up, we've come near the 'expiry date'?

I still choose to not believe in such timelines. I might be proven wrong, but I choose to stand for what I believe in. To all of you, who might be reading this or not, or maybe some of you have no bloody idea that I even have a blog, it's okay. I just want to say,

I am glad to have you in my life. Be it for a reason or a season.

12 October 2009

Sing Like A Bird, Dizzy In My Head

Just finished my Agri & Man 2nd quiz.
No finals for that paper! Yay! :)

Spent whole weekend with Ninja and turtle at his new place. Much fun to just hang together and watch shows while pigging out on Ramly burger, Indo mee, roti Milo and chips. So unhealthy, i know! But nice. Hee. Bought a cardigan online, waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. Gonna be busy tonight researching about NCSM - National Cancer Society Malaysia, for Ad Unplugged tomorrow. Very excited, and a lil scared at the same time.

Btw, I am too addicted to the internet lately. Like SERIOUSLY addicted. But I don't really bother bout it. I just know I have to online everyday, even for awhile. Bad, very very, bad. =\ Anyways, currently waiting to attend my next class at 5. Super boring class - Principle of Management.

Ok gottago nows.

*fingers hop to click to e-boutiques*

That's another addiction of mine!
*gasps* :O
Okay byee.

07 October 2009

You Create Your Own Fate

Hello people.

Days have not been that good. My left eye got infected with conjunctivitis right after I got back to UPM. Had to see a doctor, got 2 days MC, nose affected as well. The super-sneezing and flu. Super NOT FUN. But I received good news yesterday afternoon.

Got a call from 4As - Association of Accredited Advertising Malaysia. I was one of the Chosen Ones of five people to represent UPM in Ad Unplugged 2009! Advertising Unplugged is co-organised by 4As and 95% The Advertising Academy. For more info, visit http://adunplugged09.95percent.com.my/about/

For those of you who do read my blog, you would notice the 95% link under 'Le Lady Likes' column. I have been a reader and follower of the 95% blog, and now I actually have this golden opportunity to participate in it. I feel really glad. =) I don't know if it is a mere coincidence or just plain luck, but I have always wanted to take up advertising courses from there. I can't put into words how excited I really feel about this programme! It will be held next week, 13 Oct 2009 at Pusat Komuniti TTDI. I'm gonna be able to learn from and work with top international creative directors who will be leading this seminar. We have been given briefings and there's homework to be done even before we go for it! We won't be let into the hall unless we're prepared with ideas. That strict you know. Gotta start doing research and lots of brainstorming.

Take care peepos. I miss you all~

p/s: I can't wait for this weekend, and next Tuesday! :)

04 October 2009

I Love Meat

Had buffet dinner at Korean BBQ with The Choongs earlier tonight. The food was just mediocre, nothing really special. Pretty limited varieties. We were there to celebrate Clarey's momma's be-early birthday, and also in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival. I had a fun night out with them. A really cute family. And a super loving one too. =) Btw, I received my military jacket in the mail last Monday, and it's rockin' bebbeh! Just now I was shopping online for another laced top. It is so addictive to shop online! Gosh. Gotta fight the urge. Gotta fight the urge. Gotta fight the..
oh well, I'll start fighting tomorrow. Hehh :P
It's time for bed already. Candy dreams!

the DD fairy.

Brainjuice: And we still get that fluttery 'butterflies-in-my-stomach' feeling almost every time we meet. Even after so long. Weird, but I like it that way. <3

02 October 2009

Daph's Must Watch Movies List

Couples Retreat

The Stepfather

Whip It

New York I Love You


The Tooth Fairy

Inglourious Basterds

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs