30 December 2008


I'm sorta reflecting on the year 2008 that is about to pass. So much has occurred and take place. So many changes in life that made me grow in a way or another. So many ups & downs and many lessons learnt. New friends found, old friends not lost (hopefully). And sometimes life surprises you in ways you've never imagined. Well, that is life. Another year has passed, another one coming right up.

To all of you, Have a Happy and Wonderful New Year. May the years ahead be better as it passes. Glad to have each and everyone of you around, be it physically near or far. =)

And I can't wait for:

- New year (2009)

- Classes to start. Will be taking some interesting courses this sem.

- International Youth Rally (3 January 09)

- YOUTH'09 (9 to 11 January 09)