22 December 2008

She never slows down

I actually want to update about camp, but can't seem to find the time to. Am really busy these few days. Going for carolling and trying to finish up the powerpoint for prom night by Monday (which is today). And I gotta start packing my stuff. Leaving back to uni this coming Sunday. Arghh so many things to do! I'm just gonna list everything down again. Lazy to type long long. Here goes.

a) My left eye was infected with conjunctivitis. Yes. I got to know it right before leaving for camp.

b) And because of that, I made everyone wait for me because I was so friggin' late. So guilty can.

c) Clarence and I fought because of that as well.

d) Camp was alright. Enjoyed the hiking and river-crossing most.

e) Got leech bites. (NO, NOT BY LEECH KING OK. p/s: inside joke. only certain people will understand).

f) Broke a nail during hiking, ended up cutting all my long nails that I kept since before hols.

g) Someone in camp took my Rubik's cube without permission and broke it. One blue colour square is missing and the red one is coming off. It wasn't even a week old yet. =\ My poor cute cube.

h) Have been trying to upload photos from my camerara but the bloody card reader isn't working. Damn you card reader.

i) I'm super broke. Spending too much $$$ lately.

j) I have nothing to wear for prom night! Oh nooo!

k) I bought a pair of cute little croc-like sandals. So cute lor! If buy the ori one can go jump sea already. Not worth it.

l) I want to spend my remaining one week of hols with people that I love.

m) Eliza's leaving for NS on the same day I'm leaving back to KL. I'm gonna miss you. =((

n) I want to come back for the International Youth Rally!!!

o) Okay I think I'm getting sleepy already.

p) So I shall go sleep now.

q) Goodnight, world!

r) Lots of love

s) from yours truly,

t) DaphieePinkBanana

u) *XOXO*