27 December 2008

I'm a fat house cat.

Packing my remaining stuff for uni. Am leaving tomorrow.
Just came home from having steamboat with the youths and shopping at Giant with family.

And damn my whole right arm and leg hurts like OUCH.
Must've been the badminton game 2 days ago.
Don't know how to play then berlagak pandai and then use the wrong technique. But it was so fun. =)

And now I'm here online to register my remaining courses that I left out and forgot but the stupid portal isn't working. Guess I'll have to stay in uni and finish up all the registration, and hopefully be back before new year's. I want to spend new year's here in Ipoh.

Oh my sweet lil' Ipoh~

Anyhoos, I'm real tired so I'm off to bed.
Need sufficient sleep, will be driving back tomorrow.
Goodbye blog, for now.


p/s: I weighed myself just now at Giant with this machine thingy, and OMG I put on weight. So sad right now. *Daphne talks herself into dieting dieting dieting*