10 December 2008

Help, she's half blind!

Damn my eyes hurt like hell! Freakin' itchy and so bloody painful it feels like I'm going blind. OUCH. Seriously damn 'sun fu'. It has been going on for a few days already. I think my eyes have infection or something. Don't wanna go blind. =(

Ohh my pretty pretty eyes.
Let me perasan a bit okay.
Very kesian one if you're in my state right now.

Anyway, it's my baby sister's birthday today!


She's turning eight today.
I got her a Mr. Bean teddy. She loves to watch Mr. Bean cartoons lots. Sadly I won't be able to celebrate her birthday with her this year.

Because.. I'm going for youth camp! Yippee yay! =]
Sorry sis, will take you to the fun fair when I get back, promise. (As if she'll ever read this)

Am pretty excited for camp. Will be away from tomorrow till Sunday. Halfway packing my bags right now. 5 days leh, lots of clothes to bring. Trying to travel as light as possible.

Andandand, I bought myself something today. Guess what it is.

Rubik's cube!

Trying to solve it and it's so hard. I'm a newbie, that's why.
But it's like really hard lor. Friends say there are formulas and all, must go learn em' up first.
So this little cute cube is my new hobby and addiction. Heheheh.
Gonna practice till very 'geng' then show you guys on video next time. Wahaha.

Anyway I'm going off right now, wanna pack other stuff like toiletries and camera and chargers etc. Yes my camera! I just reminded myself, luckily. Mind you, I'm getting kind of forgetful these days. I think it's a disease I got infected by Clarence. Being around him too much these days. HAHAHAH :P

See you guys when I'm back! Tata dearies~