30 December 2008


I'm sorta reflecting on the year 2008 that is about to pass. So much has occurred and take place. So many changes in life that made me grow in a way or another. So many ups & downs and many lessons learnt. New friends found, old friends not lost (hopefully). And sometimes life surprises you in ways you've never imagined. Well, that is life. Another year has passed, another one coming right up.

To all of you, Have a Happy and Wonderful New Year. May the years ahead be better as it passes. Glad to have each and everyone of you around, be it physically near or far. =)

And I can't wait for:

- New year (2009)

- Classes to start. Will be taking some interesting courses this sem.

- International Youth Rally (3 January 09)

- YOUTH'09 (9 to 11 January 09)

28 December 2008

I am..

........ back in Ipoh. HAHAHA :D

27 December 2008

I'm a fat house cat.

Packing my remaining stuff for uni. Am leaving tomorrow.
Just came home from having steamboat with the youths and shopping at Giant with family.

And damn my whole right arm and leg hurts like OUCH.
Must've been the badminton game 2 days ago.
Don't know how to play then berlagak pandai and then use the wrong technique. But it was so fun. =)

And now I'm here online to register my remaining courses that I left out and forgot but the stupid portal isn't working. Guess I'll have to stay in uni and finish up all the registration, and hopefully be back before new year's. I want to spend new year's here in Ipoh.

Oh my sweet lil' Ipoh~

Anyhoos, I'm real tired so I'm off to bed.
Need sufficient sleep, will be driving back tomorrow.
Goodbye blog, for now.


p/s: I weighed myself just now at Giant with this machine thingy, and OMG I put on weight. So sad right now. *Daphne talks herself into dieting dieting dieting*

24 December 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

MacBook Air

Sony PSP

A pretty charm bracelet

Sony DSLR Camera

A BIGBIG teddy bear!

More importantly,

  • My family
  • Loved ones and friends
  • My walk with Him
  • Studies
  • Myself (Yes I love myself more than you could imagine.)
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • And much much more that it might bore you if you read it.

p/s: I'm posting it up because it's only a day left till Christmas. Yay it's the time of the year again! =) Won't mind getting any of my wishlist wishes as a gift (especially the material ones :D haha)
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

*'tis the season to be jolly falalalala la la la la~*

22 December 2008

She never slows down

I actually want to update about camp, but can't seem to find the time to. Am really busy these few days. Going for carolling and trying to finish up the powerpoint for prom night by Monday (which is today). And I gotta start packing my stuff. Leaving back to uni this coming Sunday. Arghh so many things to do! I'm just gonna list everything down again. Lazy to type long long. Here goes.

a) My left eye was infected with conjunctivitis. Yes. I got to know it right before leaving for camp.

b) And because of that, I made everyone wait for me because I was so friggin' late. So guilty can.

c) Clarence and I fought because of that as well.

d) Camp was alright. Enjoyed the hiking and river-crossing most.

e) Got leech bites. (NO, NOT BY LEECH KING OK. p/s: inside joke. only certain people will understand).

f) Broke a nail during hiking, ended up cutting all my long nails that I kept since before hols.

g) Someone in camp took my Rubik's cube without permission and broke it. One blue colour square is missing and the red one is coming off. It wasn't even a week old yet. =\ My poor cute cube.

h) Have been trying to upload photos from my camerara but the bloody card reader isn't working. Damn you card reader.

i) I'm super broke. Spending too much $$$ lately.

j) I have nothing to wear for prom night! Oh nooo!

k) I bought a pair of cute little croc-like sandals. So cute lor! If buy the ori one can go jump sea already. Not worth it.

l) I want to spend my remaining one week of hols with people that I love.

m) Eliza's leaving for NS on the same day I'm leaving back to KL. I'm gonna miss you. =((

n) I want to come back for the International Youth Rally!!!

o) Okay I think I'm getting sleepy already.

p) So I shall go sleep now.

q) Goodnight, world!

r) Lots of love

s) from yours truly,

t) DaphieePinkBanana

u) *XOXO*

10 December 2008

Help, she's half blind!

Damn my eyes hurt like hell! Freakin' itchy and so bloody painful it feels like I'm going blind. OUCH. Seriously damn 'sun fu'. It has been going on for a few days already. I think my eyes have infection or something. Don't wanna go blind. =(

Ohh my pretty pretty eyes.
Let me perasan a bit okay.
Very kesian one if you're in my state right now.

Anyway, it's my baby sister's birthday today!


She's turning eight today.
I got her a Mr. Bean teddy. She loves to watch Mr. Bean cartoons lots. Sadly I won't be able to celebrate her birthday with her this year.

Because.. I'm going for youth camp! Yippee yay! =]
Sorry sis, will take you to the fun fair when I get back, promise. (As if she'll ever read this)

Am pretty excited for camp. Will be away from tomorrow till Sunday. Halfway packing my bags right now. 5 days leh, lots of clothes to bring. Trying to travel as light as possible.

Andandand, I bought myself something today. Guess what it is.

Rubik's cube!

Trying to solve it and it's so hard. I'm a newbie, that's why.
But it's like really hard lor. Friends say there are formulas and all, must go learn em' up first.
So this little cute cube is my new hobby and addiction. Heheheh.
Gonna practice till very 'geng' then show you guys on video next time. Wahaha.

Anyway I'm going off right now, wanna pack other stuff like toiletries and camera and chargers etc. Yes my camera! I just reminded myself, luckily. Mind you, I'm getting kind of forgetful these days. I think it's a disease I got infected by Clarence. Being around him too much these days. HAHAHAH :P

See you guys when I'm back! Tata dearies~

08 December 2008


  1. Preparing a powerpoint slideshow for Prom Night.
  2. I had a lousy, pathetic day.
  3. Ate only one meal today. No dinner, nothing else.
  4. Sorry Kian Aun for all the last minute decisions to go to camp and all. Really really sorry.
  5. I started a bible reading plan so that I'll be able to read the whole bible in a year's time.
  6. It's gonna be Christmas soon! Yay. I love Christmas. =)
  7. Still need to go Christmas shopping. Lots of stuff to buy.
  8. Going back to uni on the 27th or 28th. SIGH. Holidays are never long enough, are they?
  9. Have you ever wondered how it feels, being left outside alone, when it's cold out here?
  10. It seems that some things can only be told through time. Still waiting for time to tell me. I can't wait forever though. Dear time, please don't take too long.
  11. I get a lot of joy from loving. (:
  12. And pain too. It teaches me many things, and therefore I'm glad about it.
  13. Went to Pikom PC Fair yesterday, squeezed through the crowd smelling B.O. everywhere to get my headphones.
  14. Feeling unhappy at the moment.
  15. Missing you, you, you and you. Practically everyone.
  16. Loving someone.
  17. Trying to understand certain things about life and love.
  18. I want to talk to someone.
  19. Listening to Wishes by Super Chick.
  20. I'm no super girl.
  21. I'm just a little girl inside. That's my secret.
  22. Stand through the pain, you won't drown.
  23. I wonder if there is anyone out there in the world who is just like me.
  24. My mind wanders too much. Way too much.
  25. I shall stop here. For now.

03 December 2008

I’m essentially a selfish creature. I crave your company too much to do what I should.

Had a dinner-movie date last night with Charmander. =)
Before that, spent the day karaoke-ing with Eza and Zana darling at Ebox. Super enjoyed the singing and shouting and screaming sessions. HAHAHAH.

Dinner at La Manila kinda sucked. Went there because I thought the food would be good, as it was recommended in The Star newspaper before. Didn't turn out as I expected it to be.
We watched Twilight at 8.15pm.

And OMGOMGOMG, Robert Pattinson's so effin' gorgeous!
He looked so handsome, yet evil at the same time. And damn 'ying' lor! I kept sighing and giggling in the cinema everytime he says something, especially the part where Edward tells Bella," I don't have the strength to stay away from you." I was like *AWWWWWWWW* & I literally melted in my seat.

And did I mention that Robert Pattinson looks sooo like Ed Westwick who plays the character Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl? The way they carry their roles and the characteristic of the roles they play are somewhat alike in certain ways. And they're both HOT. =))))

I'm so gonna go get Twilight the book and the dvd!!