18 November 2008

Super Long Picture Post

Due to my super long absence from the blogsphere, today I am in the mood to share with you pictures of what has happened throughout my first semester of university life. So bear with me, as this post would be a long picture post, okay?
And no, I did not convert to another religion! Don't worry! :D
Read along and you will understand why was I dressed as such in the photo above.

I shall start with my first performance in UPM, which was about 2 or 3 weeks after orientation, if I am not mistaken. I think I have mentioned about it before in one of my previous posts. It is Malam Tunas Budaya, or Cultural Appreciation Night, if we put it in English. So, my college, Kolej Kelima (K5) collaberated with Kolej Pendeta Za'ba (KPZ) to produce a play for the competition. I was involved as one of the dancers who danced the traditional Chinese "fan dance".

Daphne, Jun, Huey Lin.

Us & Kak Yaya, the UPM dancer.

Chilling out during practice.

Daphne & Epul the director.

Next we move on to PEGAGE '08, one of our college's events in getting junior and senior students to know each other better. For this event, we had different 'kampungs', and mine was Gurun. My roommate and I were both chosen to be the "Arabian" models. Hence, the picture of me wearing a scarf on my head! I also performed a Malay traditional dance called Tarian Zapin for the closing ceremony for the event. Here are some of the pictures:

Jun, the mummy & me.

Jun before our Zapin perofrmance.

Me in a tudung. Okay, keep your comments to yourself! :P

I somehow look like a hot arabian, don't I? Haha.

Alright, enough with pictures of me in scarfs. Lucky for us Communication students, UPM annually organizes 'A Night With The Media' to appreciate the media for covering news and stories on UPM and it's students. Fortunately, me and a few others (including my roommate who is not a communications' student) were able to help out in the organizing committee a little bit and gained an insight on how it is to run an event. For that event itself, I bought myself a kimono. A red kimono. My first pair! I am not going to tell you how much I bought it for, instead, I want you guys to guess! Anyone who guesses correctly, I'll reward you with something! =D Hehe.

The event was held at a 5-star hotel, Le Meridien, beside Hilton KL.

It was a nice experience for me. =) Last one would be FESKO '08. FESKO stands for Festival Koir Inter-Kolej. Don't have much pictures for this one, only have a few. Got to bring down my camera next sem already. I want a new camera.. DSLR would be nice. Anyone thinking of getting me a wonderful Christmas gift? Heheheh ;) Here goes the last few photos!

Lastly, Fifth College!

Yeah, finally, I'm done with the pictures. Phew. This is the consequence of not updating your blog regularly. I have things that I want to share my views and opinions on, but it can wait for another day.

So there you have it, the so called "summary" of what happened in my first semester. Both boring and interesting in it's own way. But being in uni indeed has taught me lots of lessons and things about life.

I hope university life would be a blast like some say it would. No, I won't just hope, I'll make sure mine rocks! :]

7 potatoes speak:

Steven Chang said...

Wow. real lot of pictures.=)

Ripsta said...

siyes comel covered ur face with that tudung... speechlessness :P

DaphLynn said...

Steven Chang: Hehe yeah. =D How's SPM going?

Ripsta: Thanks =)

[s]ue[s]hyan said...

hot arabian??haha..
nice pics...hehe..

JUN said...

OMG!!! how come there's a real...ly familiar pic ( a person wit tudung n h.p at the same time )in ur blog ??? huhu...@.@

DaphLynn said...

sueshyan: Hehe thanks (:

JUN: How come lehh.. I don't know oh. Looks damn familiar right? =P I miss you la girl. Update your blog!!

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