31 October 2008

Bounce With Me

I'm back!
Back from uni and back to blogging! Weee.
Okay okay I know I suck for not updating. Forgive me aight?
Exam are about to end for me, last paper is next Thursday.

Drove back to Ipoh this morning, reached about 3am. My first time driving on the highway! Daddy wanted me to drive when I thought I would be sleeping in the backseat. One thing about driving on the highway late at night is, you get to SPEEEED! Now that was the best part. 140km/hour ok. Shiokness.
Velocity. I likeee. =D

Can't wait for bbq tonight at Kian Aun's place. It has been soooooooo long since my last bbq. Definitely gonna burn marshellows and dip em' with choc and stuff it into my mouth. Haha. Am a lil' unwell though. Having terrible flu, sneezing non-stop and my nose hurts from all the blowing with the tissues. Ouchies. =\

Have loads of pictures to upload (Yes Steven, they're on the way. For real this time. Hehe) and stories to tell. Gonna get more rest now and prepare for tonight's barbeque!

See ya! *mwuacks*