11 September 2008

Attention boys and girls, young and old.
Okay everyone, the accident that I had was actually...

A bumper car crash.

Yeap. I'm not joking. My cousins crashed me from the front and side at the same time, and *POWWW*, my face hits the wheel and there went my nose. This is to justify that I am NOT a lousy driver. Haha. It really wasn't my fault! Poor Daph that has to suffer all the pain and agony :\

Thanks for all those who were concerned, who called and texted me after I got injured. =)

Jenny & I with oh-so-glam shades. =D

Back to my assignments, ta!

10 potatoes speak:

Anonymous said...

i think u are the first in the world who had bumper car crash.. haha.lol wahhhhhh nicccccccceeeee... like the shades.. anyway be careful yaa

Anonymous said...

next time be more careful k sayang!!!
nanti rosak muka u yg cute 2,

thepinkbanana said...

anonymous 1: LOL I think so too. Who are you by the way? I think the shades are pretty! =D I will I will, thanks.

anonymous 2: Thanks.. Siapa ini?

bellverse said...

but still geourgeos....

anonymous 2 said...

btw,im just an avid reader of ur blog.a girl.ur college-mate.1more thing,u nie cute sgt lar.suka tgk ur face =)
p/s:dun get me wrong,i'm straight.hahaha

isma said...

be more careful next time ya..
hope u'll get better soon..
take care :)

Arief Arf said...

aihh.. bumper car oso can crash meh?
ure too delicate i suppose.

thepinkbanana said...

bellverse: Aww I'm flattered =D

anonymous 2: Ahaa I see.. Tell me who you are le =)

isma: Heyy girl (= Thanks for the get well wishes. You take care too.

Arf: My first car accident. Too delicate?? Sounds like you're trying to say I'm lembik. Sobs. I'm gagah ok! Haha :D

anonymous 2 said...

it's ok.i still want to remain anonymous.siapalah i nie if want to compare with glamorous lady like u.auw!!

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