30 September 2008

( -.- )

I am fat !

Since I came back for the raya holidays, everyone that I meet or bump into tells me that I'm fat or plump or meaty or round or whatever words with the similar meaning.
SOBS. Time to diet already! I miss my old shape. =\
But some of my friends said,"Fat = Happy and contented".
You think so?

Anyway, off to read my storybook now.

4 potatoes speak:

YT said...

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Anonymous said...

hehe.. wer got.. fat? no laa just a bit out a shape huhu.. no worries we play pingpong aite after 1 month u get that old shape of yours.. haha

thepinkbanana said...

anonymous: I know who you are! out of shape = fat. Lol. Do you think ping pong really helps? I'm becoming a ball already. like this: o

Anonymous said...

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