30 September 2008

( -.- )

I am fat !

Since I came back for the raya holidays, everyone that I meet or bump into tells me that I'm fat or plump or meaty or round or whatever words with the similar meaning.
SOBS. Time to diet already! I miss my old shape. =\
But some of my friends said,"Fat = Happy and contented".
You think so?

Anyway, off to read my storybook now.

11 September 2008

Attention boys and girls, young and old.
Okay everyone, the accident that I had was actually...

A bumper car crash.

Yeap. I'm not joking. My cousins crashed me from the front and side at the same time, and *POWWW*, my face hits the wheel and there went my nose. This is to justify that I am NOT a lousy driver. Haha. It really wasn't my fault! Poor Daph that has to suffer all the pain and agony :\

Thanks for all those who were concerned, who called and texted me after I got injured. =)

Jenny & I with oh-so-glam shades. =D

Back to my assignments, ta!

08 September 2008

I nearly broke my nose.

Busybusybusy week ahead. Can't wait for the raya hols!
Short update on what has been happening in my life:

*Attended gramp's 80th birthday celebration and 55th wedding anniversary.

*Cousins just went back to the U.K. Miss them already. *sobs*

*I got into a car accident, bled like mad and nearly broke my nose.

*My nose is hurting and there's a blood clog inside.

*I have 5 assignments due in two weeks time.

*I am spending too much money, buying too much.

*Eating wayyy too much.

*My face is beginning to look more like a ball now. A very round ball.

*I miss Ipoh. I wanna go home. =(

*Thinking a little too much these few days. So much to think about. Urgh.

*Trying my best to be a good student. Life in uni is fun but ohmygoodnessitsdamndamnbusyitellyou.

*I'm actually in a lecture right now.

*Wi-fi in college is being a biatch and because of that I can't do my assignments.

*So many things to pen down and I don't have enough time.

That's roughly what is going on in my oh-so-complicated life right now. Anyway going off right now, don't want the lecturer to start staring or anything. Here's a picture of me for you guys so that you'll miss me more. Hahaha :D