12 August 2008

Still On My Mind

So much to do, so much to think about,
Classes in the morning, various practices and activities at night,
But somehow, you managed to squeeze into my mind,
And I start to reminisce,
The times when you were always there for me,
The way you used to talk to me and tell me almost everything,
The way you held my hands, your hugs and kisses,
The way you used to nag at me when I rub my eyes,
Or how you tell me how much you love me.
I miss everything about you.
Your lovely eyes, your beautiful smile.
You always believed in me,
You created something different in me.

Why can't all these just go away?
Teach me how you do it,
So that I would have to suffer no more,
It feels like years since that day,
But it actually has only been awhile.

I really miss you.

People always say,
"Don't cry because it is gone, but smile because it happened."
Wow, that's hard. Not impossible, but hard.

I always wonder,
How you're doing,
Are you happy now,
Have you met someone else better,
And many other thoughts that bothers my mind, which I really dislike.

I wish the best for you,
In everything you do and go through,
Someday, I hope we can be like before,
way better than before.
Someday, maybe. Maybe not.
But no matter what,
I wish you love.

Don't give up, you are still loved.

06 August 2008

Tomorrow & Tomorrow

It has already been a month since life in university began.
And it has been almost three months since we've been apart.
Indeed time flies.

Anyway folks, I know I said that I would try to update every few days but am really really busy recently. Lots of activities to attend and assignments to finish up. Don't even have enough beauty sleep
T__T huhuhuhu

Missing everyone back home in Ipoh.
I will be coming home end of this month!
Till then, take care, taataa~