09 July 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Greetings to all!

Daphne is still alive and standing strong after a week of waking up at at 4-ish in the morning and sleeping late at night. Yay to that ! Hehe. Well, classes started on Monday and everything's going well at the moment. Most of my classes are only for about 2 to 3 hours a day and after that, I'm free! Haha. And my classes for the week ends on Thursday noon, which means... I can return to Ipoh on Thursday nights itself. Weehee.

Now, about my fraternity college. It's one the most prestigious colleges in UPM, so I've heard. But the people there are great. I reckon my seniors here aren't like others. They're really caring and all. My room's not too bad either, but a little touch of paint would make it look brand new. And my roomie, Jun, rocks! She's pretty well-versed in English and Mandarin, so I'm lucky. She's my new translator. Am picking up on Mandarin pretty fast though. =D *bangga*

Next on is the campus and the food. UPM is really, really HUGE. Gotta take the campus bus to almost everywhere I want to go. And as many would know, the ratio of males to females in universities are 1:3. So there aren't many guys around, more babes. But there definitely are hunks around. Pretty boys, macho guys, you name it :D

Met many new and wonderful friends. About the food, I can't say that it is totally terrible, but I think that they're all almost the same in every stall. Not much of a choice. All more to the spicy/curry dishes. Other than that, nothing much I guess. One more thing, we even have Astro here in our college. Cool, huh? Now I can get to watch CSI and Friends and all my other tv series that I've been waiting to watch. Hehe yippee!

Was planning to go back to Ipoh this weekend, but looks like my plan's off as there are programs on like Graduating School for freshies and Malam Tunas Budaya, a.k.a cultural appreciation night, which I am involved in. I'll be dancing, representing Fifth College and a sister college, Pendeta Za'ba College. Go team! I know we can do this!

Anyway, I gotta go now. Will try to update you guys every couple of days. Maklumlah, sudah menjadi seorang mahasiswa. WAHAHAHA XD

Till then, take care.

Lots of love,

6 potatoes speak:

sEnGz said...

wow, great!! i didnt get to log in to friendster in my first week, wat more bout blogging... lolx. Looks like mahasiswa-mahasiswi kini semakin bijak memaksimakan peluang dan kemudahan yang ada. Hope to c u in IK welcoming nite 16 July!! 7.30 auditorium!

carmen said...

Hei gal! I'm glad to hear that you're adapting well. Cannot come back this weekend nevermind. There are lotsa weekends still available. You'll get your chance definitely! Do update your blog from time to time so that we'll know what are you up to. Whether you're a good gal there or else. Haha.. Do take care ya, mahasiswi. :P

thepinkbanana said...

sengz: hehehe yes! hopefully I'll be able to make it =)

carmen: I'll be back next week for sure! Updating my blog is a must. Ahahhh I'm always a good girl. Have always been and will always be :D
You take care too girl *hugs*

Anonymous said...

keep ur eyes on ur books....n not on those 'hunks'!!!! btw u never never call guys 'pretty boys' phew!

- the saint -

tu xin said...

great to hear you're doing great :) haha.

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