21 June 2008

Whatever It Takes.

Alrighty, I know I haven't been updating much.
Had been really busy these few days, that's why.

As some of you know, I'll be furthering my studies in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), studying mass communication. Did not get into USM for I don't know what particular reason, but I'm happy actually. Wanted to appeal and all, but then I gave it a thought, and yeah, maybe this is where God wants me to go. At least I got the course of my choice.

So now I'm currently running about town almost everyday, getting documents and stuff settled, buying new uni outfits (it's a must! :D), etc. So tiring lar. Intake is next sunday, on the 29th of June. And they gave us approximately 10 days to settle everything. TEN DAYS ONLY. Tak cukup lar. Plus I'm lucky that I have two close friends who got accepted into UPM. =))))

After every busy day, when I'm home sitting alone in my room at night, my mind starts to wander. About how is life going to be, that so many things are changing, how much I'll be missing my family and friends and everything here back in Ipoh. One chapter of my life has ended, the schooling life. And a new one is beginning.

Am very excited.

Am scared.

Happy and sad too.

Mixed feelings consume me and my thoughts. But I know I'm ready for whatever that comes my way. I'm strong because He is always with me, strengthening me and guiding me all the way. I thank You, Lord, for everything that you have blessed me with. It is indeed more than what I can ask for. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I know that all these are part of your plans for me.

Whatever plans I have in mind, Lord I surrender them to You. I will do the best I can but in the end, let Your will be done.

And people, let's meet up before I leave! Mustmustmust!
Gotta go now, I've stuff to do. Laters! *mwahhs*

10 potatoes speak:

joshuaongys said...

hahaha good spirit!! leave everything to God =)

katan said...

Good for you!!! Am really happy for you but we will surely miss u in EY. Don't go too far and forget us, K?

Steven Chang said...

hey daph daph. all the best to u in ur future n do miss us. will definitely miss the times when we tease cheng fai together. good luck!

amelia said...

hey daph..
amelia ling here..
gud luck n all the best ya..
we'll miss u here..
take gud care of urself k..

Anonymous said...

Joshua 1:7 "Be strong and very courageous." Take care n face the days ahead with great boldness. Keep close to the LORD always n u cant go wrong. Come back n join us for ey n bug with every opportunity u get. we will miss u greatly. - the saint-

tu xin said...

yeah man you can do it =D

thepinkbanana said...

joshuaongys: Yeahh =)

katan: I'll definitely miss you guys too =( I won't I won't. Hehe

steven: Thanks! All the best to you for your major exam that's coming up too!

amelia: Do take care of yourself girl. I'll try to come home as much as I can. Most importantly, you jaga yourself k? *muahs*

the saint: That's an advice I definitely need. Hehe. I'll miss playing frisbee with the youths, and all of you too.

tuxin: Yeah girl power! Woohoo :D

MonSTAR said...


where's UPM again?? isit in Selangor? or anywhere near where I am? If it is.... LET'S GO OUT!!!

Aku teramat bosan =(
and I've never seen you for ages!!


thepinkbanana said...

monstar: UPM is in Serdang. Between Selangor and Seremban. Yes we should hang out! You're in Subang right? So it's pretty near to Subang. Hehe. Set a date okie?

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