03 June 2008

A Smile For Us

Recently, I've been having nightmares almost every night.
Scary they are. Some even made me cry. Yeap. That terrible.
But then I remind myself that dreams are just dreams.

Today is a different day for me.
It wasn't a fun-filled day packed with activities or anything exciting, but somehow it wasn't like the previous ones I had from a week plus ago.

I actually feel happy today.
Not too happy nor unhappy, but just delighted and cheerful.

Don't know what made my day actually.
Maybe it was the shows I watched, but that can't be because I watch shows every day.
Maybe it was the food I ate, but nope, certainly not that.
I think it was because I reminisced about the past, and I did not shed a tear. But I was glad. Reading all ninja turtle's messages to me, and how he cared for me and loved me, it just makes me smile. (I'm trying my best to not be cheesy here ok =P)

I'm looking more on the bright side, less on the sadness and hurt.
Because I love him. And in order to love him, I must first love myself, which I really do :D
Many people walked in and out of my life, and every one of them changed me in a way or another. But the one person who impacted me most, I will always treasure.

Wish I could talk to you like normal too, you know.
But it's alright, maybe we just need time. =)
There was a purpose God put you in my life. And I'm thankful that I had the chance to know someone so special, so unique, like you. Okay yes I know you're not dying. But yeah. Hehe.

Daphne's current status: Hopeful.
Because: Where there is love, there is hope and faith.

I've been missing you. And I still do. (:

"I set you free, cos I love you, hope you come back."- R.K.