13 June 2008

Shadows Bleeding Through The Light

I want to tell you things that I can't tell anyone else.

But I can't even tell them to you.

Life's so hard. And painful.

5 potatoes speak:

yian said...

hang on there gal..

Anonymous said...

i tried this little trick before... i wrote whatever i wanted to say on a paper addressed to 'the one person'... it is some kind of release you know when you can't tell anyone... apart from that, yeah, just gather yourself together again and hang on... you will get through it and be a stronger girl still... remember? it's part of your life journey :)

CPO Trader said...

????????? Seriously...... this is nothing serious......

thepinkbanana said...

yian : Am still hanging on. (=

jinann : I'm sort of like doing that now. Yeah, it's like no one will understand much, that's how I feel. I'll be strong, I will..

cpo trader : ??

Anonymous said...

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