21 May 2008

A Short Sucky Sappy Poem I Wrote

There is so much on her mind since that day
Everything that she was told made her mind blank
She's so full of thoughts, yet so blank
Yes, life is never fair
But how unfair can it be?
Or maybe she's just a fool
A foolish girl finding her way through
She tried to give you everything
She tried to be the best she could for you and her
You gave up on her so easily
On yourself, on both of you
Maybe you never really wanted it as much
Or maybe she's the fool
The fool that caused all this upon herself
And guess who that fool is?

I gave you my heart, and that's all I can give you.
And if that's not enough, I guess I'm not enough.

I guess things will never be the same again.
No, wait. I know they won't ever be.

9 potatoes speak:

yian said...

haha finally can comment :)
yea wanted to ask you what's causing the sadness in the air..
haven't been seeing u around in elim.
or mayb i'm the sesat one la. haha
not always back in ipoh.
anyways, i'll add u in my fren's list la alright?
my addy at yianyan.blogspot.com

katan said...

Life is never fair,
We can only try to be the best we can,
We are not a fool to try,
We will be a fool if we did not,
So when we tried our best,
And found that it is wanting,
It is not that we are lacking,
It's just how the world is,
When God gave His best,
The world found it wasn't good enough too,
But we can learn,
And we can grow,
Knowing that we are good enough for the One that matters.

Chin up, Girl

Anonymous said...

aint a good counsellor myself, but do trust Him, for He alone is in control of all things, i am sure He has a wonderful, perfect plan for u... S*** happens, when it does, be thankful that it isnt any S***-est thing... haha... plenty more fishes in the ocean... rilek...

thepinkbanana said...

yian :

Just relationship problems that I can't really do anything about. Sigh.
Eh I'm always around lehh, you seldom come back only :D
Okays I added you too

katan :

Thank you so much for everything.
All I can do is just pray and hope.

zaraki kenpachi :

Yes, I trust that everything happens for a reason. Most importantly I'm grateful that God has always been there listening to me and guiding and loving me.
Aiyo don't think I'll be looking for fishes for quite some time. Heh.

oneway said...


thepinkbanana said...

Thanks Wan Wai. =)

Anonymous said...

god has got his plans all work out fr us. just that often we dun see it at the point of time. his plans are always to prosper us. u would have grown much from the experience. dun be bitter n have a forgiving heart tho it may take time to heal. u are in our prayers. be strong. - the saint-

thepinkbanana said...

the saint:

Thanks Unc William =)

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