11 May 2008

Mama You're The Queen Of My Heart


Not updating anything in this post.
Just want to share some free vouchers with all.
Got discount voucher don't tell me you don't want ahhh.
Who doesn't love discounts, right?
Hahaha :D

Here are some KFC discount vouchers for readers of ThePinkBanana.
See, Daphne being so nice to you all. Tell me I'm nice ! XD
Anyway enjoy them. Remember to use em before they expire end of this month!

Jelly Ice Cream : *click here*

Nuggets (Large) : *click here*

Ala Carte Cheezy BBQ Meltz : *click here*

Potato Wedges (Large) : *click here*

You can treat your mom to a belated mother's day meal too! LOL.
That's for now kiddies. Tataaaaas~

5 potatoes speak:

joee said...

haha happy mothers day! nola,not ntu..more likely to go nus..what about u?

Teddy said...

so nice ah... got provide vouchers for readers..can use wan or not?!

so the Ms Perak is ur fren?

thepinkbanana said...

joee: Happy mothers day to you too! :P

teddy: Of course can use! Just print it out, colour or no colour also can. Hehe yeahh she's my close friend :)

Teddy said...

quick quick blog about the pageant show n ur fren plz!! hhehehe..

then explain about the difference about the Miss Perak n the duno wat title u mentioned.. coz i really duno wats the difference.. hehe...

oh ya, do drop me a message when u blog about it, k.. i wil come read.. hehe.. thnx

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