30 May 2008

Lovey Dovey Kiss Kiss

I had no idea that we could actually MAKE-OUT in many different languages!

You must be wondering,"Whatthecrap is Daph saying?!?"

Here, I'll show you :


Like, what kind of a book title is that??

Mata also terbeliak already @.@

More languages anyone?

Such diversity eh. HAHAHA XD

Don't worry people, because now we can all make out in so many kinds of languages!


6 potatoes speak:

amelia said...

hey daphne..
amelia ling here..
im the 1st 2 leave u a comment..
nice books..
where u found it??
hehe..take care..

acura said...

i don't know making out can be separated into so many languages. are those suppose to be some kind of guide??

thepinkbanana said...

amelia :
hey hey! it was at MPH in JJ.
i was like stunned when i saw the title. what a weird title for a language book. haha

acura :
LOL. it's actually a language guide book =D

Joshua said...

Hehe. I love the Bruce Lee book nestled with all the making out books. I suppose that's there if the making out goes south--or a scorned lover shows up. :)

blackpumpkinhead said...

oooh! i have that book making out in japanese XD brought it to mc b4 n everyone was laughing at it -___-

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